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How to Prepare Your Child for Middle School before School Starts

Starting middle school can be overwhelming for kids. It is natural to be fearful of the known, and the best way to overcome that fear is to be prepared. The best way to prepare your child for middle school is to find out as much as you can about their new school! Below I will share ways to help your child be ready for their big day at a new school! 

How to Prepare your child for Middle School

Tips for Preparing Child for Middle School 

Ask Child If They Are Anxious

Make sure to sit down and talk to your child about starting middle school. See if they have any specific worries or fears. If they do make sure to listen and help answer their questions. You went to school and you know what to expect for the most part. Just reassure them of their fears and worries. 

If they are fearful, help them to find a way to find peace to calm themselves down. Tell them to take a deep breath, pray, just take a minute to relax. Whatever works for your child so they don’t feel overwhelmed the first day. 

Different Teach for Different Subjects

Most schools have different teachers for each subject. They will move from room to room and be taught by different teachers. That is one big difference from elementary school to middle school. Just reassure your child that it is a new experience but it can be fun taking a break in between each class to move on to the next. 


Another change is most middle schools will have lockers for each child. You will need to get a combination lock for your child if your school doesn’t provide one! If you purchase one, during the summer teach your child how to use it, so they feel prepared for the first day. Help them to remember their combination code, or write it down somewhere so they have it on hand. Teach them that they need to keep their locker private, as things can be taken. 


Make sure your child can stay on schedule with work and remember what classes are what day. Get an organizer, and write it down, so they know the school schedule and what classes and times they start. This is a great way to keep them focused so they don’t get lost or confused. 

Show Up Prepared

Make sure your child has all the items they will need for school supplies. You can find a list of supplies needed at your local stores or get one from the school. That way they feel like they have all the items they need for class. 

Find Friends

If this is the same town your child went to elementary school, see if any of your kid’s friends are going to be in some of the same classes once you get a schedule. This will help ease fears if they know they have a friend that will be in the same classes. 

Tour School

Most of the time schools have an open house, this is a great time for your child to get a little familiar with their new school. They can see where classes are, their locker, and more. Just knowing where they are going, can help ease worry for a lot of kids. 

Also, some schools allow you to meet your teachers before school starts. This is a great way to put a face to the teacher, and see how nice they are. This is really great for kids to help relax. Plus, the teachers enjoy meeting the kids who will be in their class for the year. 

Join Clubs

Encourage your child to join clubs and activities. This is a wonderful way to make new friends, and become active in school. They have so many different options at schools to fit every child’s personality. Maybe they want to join basketball, forensic team, art, drama, or something different. Ask for all the clubs available so they have a choice of things they want to do! 

Overall, middle school can be very scary, but if you help reassure your child and listen, they will do just fine! Just prepare them as much as you can, and by the end of day one, they will probably feel a lot more confident about tackling the year. 

Prepare Your Child for Middle School

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  1. It is hard to believe that those years have come and gone already. These tips are super helpful!

  2. I didn’t realize they still had lockers in schools!! My kids didn’t have them in middle or high school, I thought they were obsolete, lol. I guess I’m just living in my own little world over here. 😉 I agree middle school can be a challenge!! It’s important to prep the kids as best we can for those big changes.

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