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How to Reclaim Your House after the Kids Go Back to School

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How to reclaim your house

How to Reclaim Your House and Get it Back in Order

Summer is a fantastic time of celebration, relaxation, and enjoying family and friends. With all of that going on, who has time to clean the house? No one! Now that kids are heading back to school, it is time to get the house back in order. Here are some quick and easy tips to reclaim your house.

reclaim your house when the kids go back to school

Create a To-Do List for the Entire Family

Everyone lives in the house and everyone contributed to the disaster it might be today. For that reason alone, everyone should share in the responsibility of getting things back in order. Create a list of things that need to be completed to return your house to a relatively organized mess. Make sure to include all family members, as this is a team event! Even if you have young ones in the house, make sure they have age-appropriate tasks as well. Display the Family To-Do List in a location that everyone sees often. Another idea is to use a whiteboard so that everyone enjoys crossing out the items that they complete.


Another great task for the entire family is purging. Have each family member go through their things and purge what isn’t in use. One good rule is if it hasn’t been used/worn/played within the past twelve months, it is time to let it go. Put everything in bags or boxes and donate it all to families in need. This is both satisfying and rewarding!

Create the Family Calendar

You’ve got the Family To-Do List ready to go, so now it is time to get the Family Calendar up and running for the school year. This calendar can be a traditional print calendar hung in a highly visible location, or it could be a digital calendar that all family members have access to readily. This is the place where all practices, study sessions, school plays, games, and dances are noted so that each family member is kept in the loop at all times. This is a necessity for busy families!

reclaim your house after back to school

Deep Clean the House

Sometimes the best feeling in the world is to sit back and survey a freshly cleaned home. Now is the perfect time to get rid of all of the dirt and grime that accumulated over the summer months. No deep clean is complete without a thorough scrubbing of hard floors. Everyone knows this means hours of crawling around on your hands and knees right? Not anymore! With the Wonder Mop by the Libman Company, you can get the job done without all the body aches and pains. Libman products are quality products. They’ve been around for 120 years, so they know what they are doing. Each Wonder Mop has microfiber GRIPSTRIPS that lift up to 20 percent more dirt, and that means you have cleaner floors. With the power wringer, you can remove more water from the microfiber mop head, allowing your floors to dry faster so you can be back on them sooner.

reclaim your house Libman wonder mop

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reclaim your house with wonder mop

reclaim your house wonder mop


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  1. Yep, back to school time means I get to find all the playdoh and left over food. We’ve taken the couch apart 3 times this summer already and still need to do it again.

  2. Getting my house back and my sanity is definitely on my list once my kids go back to school! I absolutely love these products for cleaning too.

  3. Thank you for the tips. Summer can take a toll on your house and these are some great ideas to get it back in shape.

  4. Create the family calender is a great idea as this will keep everyone aware about the schedule and plan. Making sure everyone read it, is also a must.

  5. Sometimes when my in-laws come and stay with us for awhile, I feel like I’m reclaiming it from them! lol! Good advice here though and I enjoyed reading it.

  6. I don’t have kids yet, but you are giving me some cleaning inspiration. I like to do a big spring and fall cleaning each year… it’s almost time!

  7. These are great tips but I totally hate cleaning. I always need some help. What a great way to include the entire family.

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