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Holidays at LEGOLAND Presented by Hallmark Channel

Holidays at LEGOLAND Event

Holidays at LEGOLAND is presented by The Hallmark Channel and features some amazingly festive experiences. This event is included with your general admission LEGOLAND ticket and gives you something to do with your family during the holiday season. You’ll find seasonal shows, holiday lights, and special treats to enjoy during the Holidays at LEGOLAND event. If you’re thinking about attending this event, then continue reading to learn more about this spectacular family-friendly event.

Does LEGOLAND do anything for Christmas?

Yes! LEGOLAND hosts its annual Holidays at LEGOLAND event for families to experience a fun-filled day of treats, lights, and events. Meet Lego Santa and Toy Soldier and get a picture with them! Enjoy two interactive shows, including “Holly Jolly Jubilee”. During these shows, you can dance, sing-along, and clap along with Santa’s elves around the 30 foot LEGO Christmas Tree Spectacular.

Fun Experiences at Holidays at LEGOLAND

There are even more experiences to enjoy during the Holidays at LEGOLAND event, such as a variety of hands-on building experiences and photo ops with a giant LEGO wreath, life-size LEGO snowmen and a sleigh made out of thousands of LEGO bricks.

Enjoy seeing your favorite LEGOLAND of Florida theme park turn into a festive, jolly park full of holiday lights, treats, and amazing holiday Lego buildings. You’ll have no choice but to feel jolly as you venture through Holidays at LEGOLAND trying to enjoy every festive moment you can. From life-size buildings to hands-on activities and festive treats, your entire family will enjoy this memory-making experience.

I love that this event is included with your general admission ticket, which means we can get the whole LEGOLAND of Florida experience all the while enjoy their Holidays at LEGOLAND event without paying extra. The kids will have a blast dancing around and singing to Christmas music, and having a chance to meet LEGO Santa.

Can you take food into LEGOLAND?

As a means to fully prepare you for this event, I wanted to answer a popular question about LEGOLAND visits. Many have asked if you can take food into LEGOLAND, and the simple answer is no. You’re not allowed to bring any outside drinks or food. There will be plenty of treat options inside at the Holidays at LEGOLAND event. If you have dietary restrictions, you may call ahead to see if LEGOLAND will make an exception of any sort.

4 Reasons to Visit Holidays at LEGOLAND

Now that I’ve shared some details about this fabulous event, I want to tell you my top 4 reasons to attend Holidays at LEGOLAND, presented by the Hallmark Channel:

Meet and Greets

There’s nothing more special than seeing your kids face light up when they get to meet Lego Santa and Lego Toy Soldier. Don’t forget to snap a photo to memorialize this experience with your family forever.

30 Foot Lego Christmas Tree

I love being able to see the 30 foot Lego Christmas tree during Holidays at LEGOLAND event. This is one of those experiences that you have to see to believe and comprehend just how magnificent this Christmas tree is.

Scavenger Hunts

Enjoy holiday-themed scavenger hunts in Miniland USA and DUPLO Valley. You may also win some prizes for completing the holiday-themed scavenger hunts at the Holidays at LEGOLAND event.

Write a LEGO Letter to Santa

Have your kids write a LEGO letter to Santa. This activity is so much fun and gives your kids a chance to add something to their Santa wish list or send Santa a thank you card. LEGOLAND of Florida will send your letters to Santa up in the North Pole at no extra charge, too.


Holidays at LEGOLAND happens during the peak season when LEGOLAND of Florida extends their hours so that families can have a few extra hours to enjoy the park festivities. This is a great option for those who want to spend more time experiencing the holiday-themed events and exhibits during the Holidays at LEGOLAND event.


Whatever you’re looking forward to at Holidays at LEGOLAND event, I just know that you’ll enjoy your time walking through the park. You’ll feel a sense of happiness, cheer, and holiday joy flowing through your heart as you walk around this festive event at LEGOLAND of Florida.


Don’t forget to ring in the New Year at LEGOLAND with the Kids’ New Year Eve party that features a nightly fireworks show, special building activities, and dance parties for the whole family. The LEGOLAND Kids’ New Year Party runs from December 26-31. LEGOLAND will feature a brick drop at a kid-friendly hour on New Year’s Eve too, so don’t miss out on that event. If you’re ready to experience the Holidays at LEGOLAND event with your family then you can purchase your tickets online after you plan which night you’ll attend this festive event. Holidays at LEGOLAND runs from November 29-30, and December 1, 7-8, 14-15, 20-31.

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