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Complete Review of Guitar Hero Live for XBox 360!

Guitar Hero Live is a fun game that’s not only fun for the entire family, it can place everyone into a live concert. Your friends and family become the band and experience a live first-person view of the audience as you perform on real guitars. You become the rock star as you interact with the audience. But you’d better play your best, as that can affect the audience’s feedback.


About Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero Live is the new release on XBox360, increasing the musical experience from the first Guitar Hero. Guitar Hero Live allows you to try playing the smaller clubs first, to get experience. Then when you’re ready, you get to rock it out at two major outdoor music festivals. 

Experience Rock the Block in Boulder City, and SoundDial in the UK. Rock the Block is beginning to take center stage as the most popular outdoor music fest in the USA. Each year it becomes larger and encourages the audience to join in. SoundDial is the largest outdoor music event in the UK, with about 300,000 visitors each year. The audience can experience music in the lovely English countryside, and people of all ages and walks of life attend.
Guitar Hero Live allows two different ways to play. You can play as a band with a real crowd and live interaction. Or you can play GHTV, with its music video network. While you can play Guitar Hero Live without an internet connection, if you choose to play on GHTV you will require one.  The library of music videos is constantly growing, so players will never grow bored. GHTV allows for a continual broadcast of music videos. This enables you to play your guitar controller and be the main star. There are hundreds of music videos available, and the manufacturer is constantly adding new ones.  GHTV has two different channels that work twenty-four hours a day. There is also additional gameplay where you can unlock premium shows, brand new videos, live concert footage of your favorite bands, and many other prizes.
Players will have access to hundreds of songs on Guitar Hero Live, and more are being added constantly. Guitar Hero Live also offers the option to play it live on your smartphone, tablet, or other select devices. There are a variety of different music genres, so the music lover will find plenty to enjoy.
In the box, you’ll receive a Guitar Hero controller. It features six different buttons, that are presented into a two-row design. Each set of buttons takes you up to a higher level. Beginners can easily start learning with three-button play. For masters, they can use all six buttons for more challenging play.
GuitarHero Live for Xbox 360 retails for around $90, making it an affordable addition to your gameplay.

What We Think of Guitar Hero Live

If your family loves live concerts they can take center stage and have fun placing themselves into live concerts with the Guitar Hero Live for Xbox 360 gaming package.
This is a great game for the whole family, my kids loved it.  Lilly and Anthony my two music lovers thought the idea of playing the guitar on stage in a game was the most fascinating thing ever.  However the fun didn’t stop with the kids,  My husband can’t get enough of jamming out on Guitar Hero Live with his brother and nephews.  Plus my parents have watched the kids play and have said time and again that they can’t wait to play it while spending Christmas with us.
This is definitely a great game for so many age ranges, and a blast to play!  Make sure to add it to your holiday shopping list for the gamer in your life!

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