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Our Experience with The American Girl Doll Hospital


The American Girl Doll Hospital

Let’s face it, everyone knows how incredibly expensive American Girl Dolls can be.  However, they are also adorable and a fun experience to share with a little girl.  The meals, the hair salon, the matching outfits, it is a fun activity. 
Lilly is very blessed and has received a Bitty Baby and the Bitty Twins Starter Collection as gifts throughout the years.
However, a puppy, a three-year-old, and an $80 doll don’t mix well together.  Lilly innocently left her Bitty Baby sleeping on the couch before she fell asleep herself, mommy didn’t notice while busy doing laundry, and an hour later we had a sad little girl, an angry mommy, and a crated dog, because Lilly’s prized American Girl baby was chewed up all over the floor.
I thought about sewing it but it was missing a chunk of the torso, so as I perused the store’s website trying to see how much it would cost to replace this doll, I came across the American Doll Hospital!  I was so relieved and excited,  I had never heard of this service before but its the perfect solution for any mishap your expensive little doll runs into!

What is The American Girl Doll Hospital?

They can replace limbs, torso, heads, and hair.  They can also remove them, and add hearing aids, glasses, and so much more.
The process is simple.  There is an order form on the Hospital’s webpage, you print it out and fill in what needs to be fixed on your American Girl Doll.  Then you put it in a box without any clothes or accessories on, place postage on it and send it out with the mailman.
A few weeks later you get your precious American Girl doll back looking good as new.

They cleaned up and polished her head, put a Hospital Gown and Cap on her, and sent her home with a Good Health Certificate from the Doctor.

So for under $30, Lilly’s baby was back and in perfect health!
She was so Excited!
American Girl Doll Hospital Experience
American Girl Doll Hospital



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