How to Get it All Done During the Busiest Time of The Year

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5 Tips for how to get it all done on busy days!

How to Get it All Done on Busy Days

September is almost over, and the school/sports season is in full swing around here.  Gone are the days of random snacking by the pool or afternoon dinners outside.  Now we are on a schedule, and it’s a busy one!  From the bus stop in the morning to the showers at night I try to keep us on track so that everything gets done as smoothly as possible without any meltdowns over a forgotten football helmet or a late-night school project.

My week always starts with meal planning on Sunday night followed by a trip to Walmart to grab all the groceries we need.  One thing that’s always in my shopping cart is a couple of boxes of NABISCO Multipacks.  With a family of five, keeping great on-the-go snacks stocked up is a must.  Plus, NABISCO Multipacks offers snacks that everyone in my family loves, so it’s a no brainer!


5 Tips for getting it all done during the School Year and Sports Season:

  1. Keep a Family Calendar:  I’m a paper and pen type of mom, I like our calendar in front of me whenever I’m home.  So we have a family calendar with everyone’s games, practices, assignments, and events on it, stuck to the fridge in the kitchen.  However, I have had occasions where I left practice and drove all the way home, to realize someone had a dentist appointment.  So now I also back up my calendar on my phone which syncs to my husband’s phone also.
  2. Stick to a Schedule: If my family didn’t stick to a routine, all 5 of us would be running in different directions al day long, without knowing if everything was getting accomplished.  Decide on a before and after school schedule that works for your family, and stick with it.  Sometimes it takes trial and error to stick with a routine but once you get into the swing of it, it makes like so much easier.
    For example, every day after the kids get home from school, they empty their backpacks, have snack time, and do homework before we run out for football and cheer practice.  The kids know what comes next each day, and it saves me from nagging them along each day.
  3. Keep the Car Packed: The back of my van looks like a family storage unit at times, but it saves us time and keeps us from forgetting things.  Now, I’m not saying have your kids leave their sweaty gym socks in the car at the end of each day, but we do keep all my son’s football pads and helmet in the car, my daughter’s cheer bag with her game change shoes and towel stays in the car unless she needs to swap out the towel.  My oldest keeps his golf clubs in the car and his cleats so he is ready to run to not only his golf lesson but also the driving range whenever he has some free time.  I have a tote with sunblock, buck spray, snacks, etc. In it.  I know this may sound crazy and like I am driving around a sporting goods store, however, this has saved me so much time and frustration from my kids yelling “I forgot my mouth guard” from the back seat as we are pulling into a parking lot.
  4. Have Easy Snacks that Everyone Loves on Hand: With busy kids come hungry kids.  Because of this, I need to have easy snacks on hand that all 3 kids (and myself) love, they also have to grab and go snacks because not only do we have snack time after school, we also have snacks on the way at practices and sporting events.  NABISCO Multipacks are just what I need to get us through snack time quickly with no complaints.  The NABISCO Multipacks feature the perfect variety of cookies, Oreo Minis, Mini Chips Ahoy, and my favorite Nutter Butter Bites.  They come wrapped in individual servings and can be grabbed on the way out the door.  I can throw them in my bag and know if I get hungry or I hear those words coming from the back seat, I’m covered!
  5. Make Crockpot Meals: At the end of a long day of school, work, projects, lessons, appointments, practices, and whatever else your family has going on, the last thing you want to worry about is getting dinner in the oven.  Gather some of your favorite crockpot meals and rotate them into your schedule.  There is nothing better than coming home from sitting in the bleachers for two hours, after the sun has already set, to the smell of a warm dinner waiting for my family.


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How do you get it all done during the back to school and holiday chaos?

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  1. Not just for the kiddos either! I tell you what I am having one of those hectic busy days right now and could sure use the multipacks by my side!

  2. This is a great giveaway! We love Nabisco. We keep a stash of cookies and crackers in our pantry at all times.

  3. Great tips! I’m a huge planner and scheduler, but sometimes I get in the way of that, throwing post it notes on top of what’s already planned. I’ve got to get better at saying no and sticking to what’s already on the schedule.

  4. We love these Nabisco snacks and have them often. I like your tips. I make a lot of crockpot meals!

  5. Easy snacks are such a time saver. I keep Nabisco multipacks on hand all of the time. I’m going to use your tips to get it all done because since school started, life has been so busy for us.

  6. Great giveaway. I dont know what i would do without our calendar and we have to stuck to it.

  7. These are great tips. Busy days are basically a given when you are a mom so these tips are helpful to get through it all. We love Nutter Butters WAY too much. lol

  8. I love these snacks. They’re perfect for kids lunches and snacks at home or on the go. Nabisco has an amazing selection of snacks we all love.

  9. These are great – we use them for the kiddos games when it’s our week for snacks

  10. I love how convenient these are. I dread packing snacks and it is nice to have a variety that is ready to go any time. Plus my kids love these!

  11. Thanks for the giveaway! And I agree, these little premade snack packs make everything a little bit easier!

  12. I think the biggest takeaway here is sticking to a schedule. I can write in my planner, calendar, etc. but if I’m not following through I get nowhere.

  13. I really do need to start thinking about keeping a family calendar to keep everything straight. I did get myself a planner although it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Or at least I didn’t develop the habits necessary to make it work for me properly. I should get back to it.

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