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5 Easy Ways to Wander Out of Your Comfort Zone

This post is sponsored by Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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Something happened when I became a mom, my comfort zone seemed to shrink.  I would look back at things I tried and did growing up and think “man I was crazy”, now I look back to those earlier mom days and think “man I was overprotective and boring”, but both versions of me were just trying to be the best mom I could be to my babies. Now I try to step out of my comfort zone whenever the opportunity presents itself and as a mom of 3, it seems to present itself a lot.


Why I Step Out Of My Comfort Zone

I have always had an adventurous spirit, I love visiting new places and trying new things but when I became a mother, fear stopped me from stepping out of my comfort zone.  I stopped traveling to new places, I stopped putting myself out there, I even fell into a routine of buying and making the same food constantly. Then one day I suddenly realized, I didn’t want my kids to think that this was all there was to life, fear, and at that moment I started making conscious efforts to step out of my comfort zone as often as possible. I wanted them to see their mother doing things scared, taking adventures, and pushing herself beyond the limits she had instilled upon herself. I also want to show them new places and things so they know how much fun is to be had in this big beautiful world we live in.

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5 Ways to Step out of Your Comfort Zone

Try New Foods!

An easy way to step out of your comfort zone is by trying new foods. I remember my Nana used to always tell me “you don’t know if you don’t like it until you’ve tried it” and now I catch myself saying the same thing to my children every day. I used to stay in the same grocery aisles every week, and my meal plan never seemed to change, until my sister-in-law visited us for several weeks and I suddenly needed to learn to cook completely different meals.  Now we are always bringing home new things to try from the grocery store. One fruit we tried that has become a staple in our house is Kiwi, my husband grew up eating it so he is thrilled that the kids have become so fond of it. 

Yellow Kiwi Zespri Challenge

We grab a package of Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit every time I go shopping and the family devours the tropically sweet fruit that is packed with nutrients. Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit is naturally yellow and sweeter than green kiwifruit and is the perfect afternoon snack or breakfast fruit for a hot Florida day. It’s great for our summer snacks because we love to wander and Kiwi is easy to eat, just cut, scoop, and enjoy! I can bring them to the park, the beach, and everywhere else we explore.

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Find Local Places You Haven’t Explored Yet and Go! 

I have slowly been trying to explore as much of Florida as I can, I figure the more places I go, the bigger my comfort zone grows.  One place that my friends still can’t believe they frequently find me, is at the beach. I have always loved to swim, however, I have also always been known as the friend with an irrationally huge fear of animals who want to bite me, sting me, or eat me in any body of water.  Well, I married a Brazilian who loves the beach, and moved to 10 minutes away from the gulf coast and suddenly I found a love for this great big beautiful sea although I still need to be able to see the bottom at all times and if something rubs against my leg I will let out a scream that will clear out the beach, but still I’m taking baby steps to widen my comfort zone.  

Find People Who Share Your Passions and Make Connections! 

I love the world of blogging, I have been writing since I was a teenager and having this outlet as a busy mom has made a huge impact in my life, but for years connecting with other bloggers was hard for me.  Then finally I began attending blog conferences despite my social anxiety, and when my comfort zone was staying in my hotel room, ordering room service, and calling it a day, I stepped up and attended every meet-up, party, and course available which resulted in me leaving with some incredible new friendships that have kept me going on days when this career path seemed impossible.

Step Out On Your Own and Try Something New! 

As a mom, it might seem impossible to find the time to visit the bathroom on your own, nevermind go on an adventure.  However, this is the best way to truly step out of your comfort zone and take some time to remember that you are more than just a mom and also give you some time to rediscover yourself and recharge your soul.  I traveled across the country last fall to New Mexico and rode on a hot air balloon through the red rock mountains with a group of people I had just met. Talk about recharging my soul, this was an experience I will never forget.

Set a Huge Goal for Yourself and Work Towards It! 

I registered for a 10K Disney Marathon, scared out of my mind as I completed the forms online. This may seem like a small accomplishment for many but for a mom of 3 with health issues this was really putting myself out there. I feared the idea of failure, but I still showed up and pushed through everything that I thought about my body and made it across the finish line.

Wander Kiwifruit Challenge

Participate in the Wander and Win Challenge.

Zespri is encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone with the Wander and Win Challenge.  Wandering more and stepping out of your comfort zone will undoubtedly change your outlook on life in a positive way, so why not get started while taking part in this fun challenge. The sweepstakes will last 10 weeks with a new challenge each week that will guide you on a journey to shake up your comfort zone. Learn more about Zespri’s Wander and Win Sweepstakes here and take the Challenge!

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  1. I do try to get out of my comfort zone now and again. I’m usually always glad that I did it in the end.

    These kiwis look tasty!

  2. It is so insanely important to step outside of your comfort zone ON THE REGULAR! If you don’t you will NEVER grow as a person!!!

  3. These are all excellent ways to get out of your comfort zone! All it takes is that first step!

  4. Hands up I am awful for getting out of my comfort zone it is something I just hate doing. I really should though – I shall try and work in some of these tips!

  5. I am a creature of habit, but I do try to step outside my comfort zone sometimes. I love all your tips.

  6. I love all of these ideas! You know, I haven’t tasted kiwi ever, I am a little scared of what it would taste like. ha! But I will challenge myself and try this

  7. I love all of these ideas. I need to step outside mine as well. I always thought trying new foods was a must. You never know what you’re going to end up liking.

  8. I am always looking for new product or things to try. I am such a curious person!

  9. This is a great post! I have friends who want to step out of their comfort zone and I think this will help.

  10. Trying new foods is a fantastic way to step outside of the daily routine! Venturing outside of our comfort zones are where some good things can happen. It’s always a great idea to try new foods.

  11. Getting out of your comfort zone is something that so many people struggle with. I know that I definitely do and I am working on it.

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