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5 Unique Toys Your Kids Will Absolutely Love

Buying toys for kids these days presents a broader challenge, given how there are just too many options with aisle over aisle overflowing with toys in stores. There are good ones; there are harmful ones. There are affordable toys, but some are also on the pricier end.  

Kids get invited to many birthday parties, and the number of toys they can accumulate multiplies significantly for moms of multiple kids. Now, it’s challenging to find toys you’re sure the kid will keep playing with while ensuring you don’t get a duplicate of what they already have.  

On top of that, moms who have been buying toys for kids for a long time now will eventually run out of choices.  

If you’re confused about this toy shopping, this list comes to the rescue with unique toys you’re confident your kids will have a lot of play out of.   

  1. Sylvanian Families Toys  

With the range of Sylvanian Families toys found in almost every major toy store, parents may wonder what the buzz is about. Why is it so popular? And is the price justified? Despite its price tag, Sylvanian Families toys are worth buying, topping this list as one of the unique toys kids will love.   

You can think of each set as like characters and scenes in a well-made diorama. They depict a wholesome, daily way of life that many identify as a treat for sore eyes, a reprieve from all the negative rap some toys give kids these days. Unlike mechanical toys, they control the narrative when you buy a Sylvanian Family set for kids. They position each miniature figure in each set the toy came with and make their plot and conversations.   

It’s a healthy simulation for kids’ imagination, much like with dolls and doll houses, only that with this, the characters are four-inch rabbits.   

  1. 3D Pen  

If you’re buying for ‘older kids,’ a 3D doodle pen should be on your list, too. This pen is unlike any other doodle set they’ll receive. It enables them to literally draw on air and watch their creations ‘come to life.’  

A 3D pen is a great gift, especially for children who have the time of their life drawing. They don’t necessarily need to be the best at it; they just need to enjoy drawing and coloring.  

  1. Personalized Story Book  

While not necessarily a toy, story books are a tried-and-tested classic that many kids these days may not always receive any more. That’s precisely what brings storybooks to this list of unique toys. To make it even better, why not personalize the storybook? Doing so makes the book more exciting and fun for your kids, as they feel extra special being the story’s main characters.   

Personalized storybooks are educational, one-of-a-kind, and thoughtful gifts, too.   

  1. Animal Tracks Flip Flops  

Do your kids like to imagine they’re animals? If they do, what a delight having animal tracks flip-flops would be. Now, their play feels more realistic and satisfying when they leave animal footprints instead of leaving the usual flip-flop tracks on the soil.  

Because these are inexpensive, you can buy more pairs so your kids can switch to different animals they want.  

  1. Color-In Play House  

Many years ago, perhaps from childhood, wasn’t making your playhouse with big boxes exciting? Indeed, there’d be those times when mom and dad bought new furniture or appliances in big boxes. Kids ask for those to draw on and turn into their playhouse.  

That’s what a color-in play house is, except a much better version. It’s still a cardboard box. But the box itself is cut into different shapes and sizes, so all you have to do is connect the pieces to turn them into the house. It’s also pre-doodled in black and white so that you can color in the different parts of the house.  

Final Thoughts  

With the list above, moms can finally take one stress factor off their minds by making toy shopping less deceptively challenging. Kids these days seem to have everything, with toy brands offering hundreds of ‘new’ items to enjoy each season. Once you run out of ideas, head on to unique ones, as those are guaranteed to bring a lot of enjoyment to kids. Whether you have a slim or more extended budget is immaterial: what matters is being intentional about the toys you buy so they don’t wind up as display toys, collecting dust, not memories of play, on shelves. 

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