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Easy Ways to Prevent and Treat Head Lice at Home

I am excited to partner with Vamousse on this sponsored post.  All opinions stated are my own.

Itchy Head Lice Treatment

Lice Letter from School Now WHAT

A new school year means new teachers, classrooms, and the unwanted lice letter you receive from the schools. Lice are inevitable in a school surrounding with kids in such close contact with one another.  Let me help you get prepared for back to school and the unwanted lice outbreak that is on the horizon.

Lice is a mess, lots of cleaning, hair picking, and time off work and school to get rid of the infestation. Parents are a true trooper for tackling lice. But, I have some tips and tricks to help make lice not be so overwhelming for you this year! Yep, you read that right. While lice aren’t fun, it doesn’t have to feel like it consumes your life.

What Is Head Lice

Head lice are an insect that can be found in the hair of humans. They are a parasite that loves to make human heads their breeding ground. 

They work their way down a strand of hair, and then feed on the blood they pull from the scalp. All the while they lay eggs in your hair, and mass produce.  Many will find it is hard to get rid of all the lice roaming around your home and hair. But, I have some tips to simplify the outbreak.

How Do Kids Get Exposed To Lice

Head lice are easily spread, each year affecting more than 12 million children, ages 3 to 11.

When your kid hangs a backpack and coat right next to another child’s the lice can crawl right onto your child’s belongings and then crawl up into your child’s hair.

Or if you have kids working in close quarters they can pass that way. Head to head contact is the most common way that head lice are spread. Sharing the same headphones, trying on a hat that someone else wore, etc.

Back To School Backpacks

Ways To Tackle Lice And Prevent

Daily Shampoo

Take the time and use a precaution when you hear there is an outbreak on the horizon. Vamousse Daily Defense Shampoo will kill lice as they simply wash their hair. You can use this shampoo that is made with essential oil to help prevent bringing home a head of lice!

You can swap your shampoo out and use this as a regular shampoo for up to 10-14 days. This is great as a preventative when you hear or think you have been exposed to lice. I don’t know if you are like me, but lice is never an enjoyable experience.

When To Use Daily Shampoo

  • Outbreak at school
  • Field trip, sleepover, etc with kids
  • If another person in the home has lice

Vamousse Lice Treatment

Regular Head Checks

Always make sure to take the time to do a head check on your child. Sit in a well-lit area and look for eggs or lice roaming your child’s head. I recommend doing this often, to try and stay ahead of the game. If you do come across lice you can tackle it a lot sooner than having a huge outbreak in your child’s hair that feels impossible to pick through.

Another tip I have found helpful is taking a flashlight and shining it onto your child’s head. You can see the lice crawling around a lot easier if the lighting is a bit dark. 

How Often To Do Head Checks 

  • I try to get in the habit of a quick head check at night after showers are done. Or you can do it before showers if you prefer dry hair. If no outbreaks are present at school I might do it once a week, as a preventative to try and catch it early. 
  • Repellent | Consider buying the Vamousse Lice Repellent Leave-in Spray to help repel lice from wanting to make a home on your child’s head. It will repel lice without any synthetic pesticides. It is also made with essential oils and can be a part of your child’s daily hair care routine.  

Treating a Case of Head Lice

If you find an active infestation, don’t freak out.  Vamousse Lice Treatment Mousse can help you treat the infestation once and be done by killing both the lice and their eggs in 1 treatment.  This is an easy to use pesticide-free treatment that works quickly and rinses out easily.  I love the mousse form and how it makes application simple yet precise.  Plus, Vamousse Lice Treatment Mousse has been proven effective at against pesticide-resistant super lice too! 

Lice Treatment Mouse

Tips For Tackling Your Home If You Get Lice 

  • Wash your bedding in at least (130 degrees) hot water. You then want to dry your bedding on the hottest setting for at least 30 minutes. 
  • Use at-home treatments on your family like listed above. Whether shampoo to treat the outbreak or preventative care for those who are not infected at the moment. 
  • Clean all your hair care items by soaking in hot soapy water for around 15-30 mutes. This will help to kill any lice and eggs on the items. 
  • Make sure to clean furniture, pillows, blankets, etc. 
  • Vacuum your home daily. 
  • Use Vamousse Lice Elimination Powder, a home cleaning aid that has no synthetic pesticides, a clean scent, and kills lice and dust mites on contact.  Use the Lice Elimination Powder on non-washable household items as a final step in cleaning your home after you have treated the lice infestation.

Learn more about Lice and Stock Up on Vamousse Products with this coupon.  Connect with Vamousse on Facebook and Twitter.

Ways to prevent lice

Have you ever had lice in your home? What is a tip you recommend? 


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Vamousse via Momtrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Vamousse or Momtrends. 

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  1. My son has never had it, but it has always been a concern at our household. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. My kids got it once (and shared it with each other –bleck!!) It was so miserable. I didn’t have something like this though. Such good info for Back to School!

  3. These are all great tips! Most parents don’t check often enough, until we get a note home from school. I know I’m guilty of this. I will be more proactive this upcoming school year.

  4. Two years ago my whole family of 9 at the time got lice FOUR times in one summer. Finally we had to stop letting our kids play with another family and we were finally able to get rid of them it was awful

  5. I haven’t had to deal with this with my kids yet. I honestly hope not to because I know how it goes. Glad to see some great tips here too.

  6. As a mother of 3 that had lice multiple times in one year, I can tell you that when you find something that works, stick with it.

  7. Tis is essential, you never know hen lice may hit. It really is the worst thing to deal with too!

  8. We’re lucky we haven’t experience it yet. But I know it can be a scare, happy to know there are products I can use when it happens.

  9. I am so happy I never experienced lice. This is good tips because lice can be a big issue.

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