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Toddlers – Cool Parenting Hacks That Every Parent Should Know

Let’s face it, raising a couple of kids is no easy thing to do and as most families choose to have two children quite close together, many parents have a double dose of parenting. We have trawled the web looking for parenting hacks to bring a little light to parenting toddlers.

  • Download parenting apps – There are many good reasons to head to the Play Store and check out the many parenting apps that are available; some are totally free while others have a small subscription. Once installed, you can create a personal profile and connect with many other parents and share experiences; not only that, you will also find some great parenting blogs that are full of useful hacks.
  • Shop online – Being a full-time parent to a couple of inquisitive toddlers means going anywhere is a major project; check out the website of the best baby shop in Melbourne for all your clothing needs. The online supplier also offers the lowest prices, plus most offer free delivery, which is worth something.
  • Be smart with technology – If your kids have too much energy and bedtime is an hour away, you could search YouTube for a few energetic movement routines that are designed for toddlers. Cartoons can be lifesavers, especially when you are trying to introduce a new language, while Google Calendars can help you with planning your schedule.
  • Time management – If you are a budding supermum, you will have to master time management; download a parenting app that has a time managing feature, as this will really help you divide up your day. Click here for good reasons to read to your kids at bedtime.
  • Place toy stations in suitable locations around the house – Rattan baskets make ideal toy stations (bins to store toys) and a few strategically placed around the house will make clearing up much easier. Train your kids to put soft toys back when they’ve finished playing and that makes life simpler.
  • Audio books – If, for example, you are trying to introduce a second language, play audio stories when it’s bedtime. Even without language acquisition, listening to stories helps young children to get into sleep mode. 
  • Wash socks and soft toys in a mesh bag – We all know how socks tend to get lost; that stack of single socks is testimony to that; put all kiddy socks in a mesh bag and throw it in for a cycle and you’ll never lose another sock! Indeed, anything soft can be included (small bibs, mittens etc).
  • Use hair ties to soft lock cabinets – This is a great idea when your child learns to crawl; simply put a hair tie over both doorknobs and voila! Perfect for the kitchen and your toddler won’t injure themself exploring the cupboards.

Raising children is a full-time gig and we hope that the above hacks help you to navigate your way through the first few months and you become a perfect parent.

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