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5 Tips to Bring On the Fun this Spring + Oshkosh B’gosh Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of OshKosh B’gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Bring on the Fun Oshkosh

It has been a long cold winter, My friends up north were hit with snow storms back to back.  Even for us down here in Florida, it was an unusually frigid winter, that kept us inside or bundled up for most of the winter months.  However, Spring is finally here and we are very excited to be able to pack away the heavy coats and long pants, to fill our closets with bright dresses, shorts, and t-shirts!  With the sunshine, flowers blooming, and warm air also comes lots of fun outdoor opportunities, so I am sharing my 5 tips to bring the fun this spring with your family!

Bring on the Fun Oshkosh

5 Tips to Bring On the Fun this Spring with your Family

Get Your Home Ready!
Stock up on quick snacks that can be grabbed on the go and eaten outside, make sure the air in everyone’s bike tires is full, along with the sports equipment, Pull out the picnic cooler that’s been in the garage all winter and get it ready for some more family fun.  One year we pulled out the bikes from a long winter, with 3 excited kids only to find out 2 bikes needed air and 1 bike needed a new tire.  After that year, I started checking out everyone’s bikes while they were at school and I was already spring cleaning.

Bring on the Fun Oshkosh

Get New Clothes!
With the thought of spring, two things come to mind bright fresh flowers and spring cleaning, that magical time when we get to open all the windows and let the feeling of being cooped up inside, air out.   I love purging all the clutter from our house and packing up the heavy winter clothes we no longer need.  The feeling of walking into our home during the months of spring brings on such a refreshing feeling that instantly energizes you.  The house is open, there’s no clutter taking up brain space, and everything is bright, light, and flowy including our wardrobes.

All the outdated and outgrown clothes have gone out the door, and all the heavier fall and winter clothes get boxed up till next year.  Then we get to go on a fun shopping trip for clothes that are perfect for spring.   

During the spring months, I want quality, easy to wear outfits, and age-appropriate outfits for the kids.  Clothes that can seamlessly go from school to the playground, and are easy to pack for our weekend getaways.  The kids want stylish and comfortable.  Lilly likes accessories and bling, while Aidan likes elastic waistbands and funny shirts that will gain him some laughs with friends.

Bring on the Fun Oshkosh
This is why Oshkosh B’gosh is our go-to store.  I am able to find everything I need to make everyone happy in one trip.  I remember my mother shopping there when I was a kid, so of course, once I became a mom myself, Oshkosh became my go-to store.

During our trip last week, Aidan picked out two outfits that fit his personality perfectly.  While Lilly picked out 4 outfits because she “needed” all the t-shirts with sequins or girly references on them.  

Aidan can sometimes be hard to shop for at other stores because of his sensory issues, but Oshkosh B’gosh’s shirts are always so soft that I know I can always find clothes he will love.

One outfit included a soft pair of dark blue cargo shorts and a dinosaur t-shirt that he couldn’t wait for his friends to see.

His second outfit featured a shark eating pizza, his favorite food, with coordinating cargo pants that had tiny tacos and pizza slices all over them.  Convincing him to take this outfit off so that I can wash it has been a struggle, he loves it so much.

 Bring on the Fun Oshkosh

Lilly doesn’t have an older sister to get hammy downs from so she usually convinces me to get her more.  During this trip, Lilly picked out an outfit with bright coral colored shorts that were soft with an elastic waist, and a shirt that said: “call me on my shell”.  My mermaid obsessed child thought this was “the funniest shirt ever”.  She also picked out 2 outfits with denim shorts and t-shirts that had sequins designs on them, because she thinks anything with bling on it needs to be in her closet.

  Bring on the Fun Oshkosh

She also got a cute skirt outfit that will work perfectly for both church and play.  It is soft and lightweight, plus it has shorts built in, which is something, as a mom to a girly girl, I am always looking for.  These make trips to the park or family bike rides on the days she really wants to wear a dress, a lot easier.

Bring on the Fun Oshkosh

Get Dirty!
“April Showers bring May Flowers” so bring on the family fun even on those gloomy days because the sunshine is right around the corner.  Put on a pair of rain boots and let the kids jump in the biggest puddles they can find, make the mud pies and dig for worms to go fishing.  Then once the sun comes out, plant a garden, set up the sandbox, and get those hands dirty making fun memories.

Bring on the Fun Oshkosh

Get your Grub on Outside!
My husband loves to barbeque, he is the one that would snow out a circle around his grill during a blizzard and cookout when we lived in Massachusetts.  Spring is the perfect time to wash your picnic blanket, clean off the patio furniture, and get away from the electronics while having family meals outside in the sunshine.

Bring on the Fun Oshkosh

Get Active Outside!
After spending the winter trapped inside or bundled up outside, it feels great to be able to get outside in the fresh air on a sunny day.  Take family walks after dinner, explore the local bike trails or head to the neighborhood playground.
It’s the perfect time to plan play dates with friends and family and create a family bucket list of all the fun outdoor things everyone wants to explore in the upcoming months.

Bring on the Fun Oshkosh

Springtime is the has perfect weather for outdoor fun and play dates.  So take these tips and get ready to bring on the family fun!  The best way to start getting ready for spring is by heading over to Oshkosh B’gosh and getting all your kids spring style essentials so that keeping them comfortable and fashionable on the go will be stress-free!  And don’t forget the accessories!
Bring on the Fun Oshkosh

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5 Tips to Bring On the Fun this Spring + Oshkosh B'gosh Giveaway


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  1. Looking forward to summer grills and picnics outside! I used to live in Florida and ended up in the Mid West where it is still snowing – so jealous of your sunshine.

  2. New clothes are essential for growing kids! We have been doing our shopping, but certainly have room for more when given a 20% off coupon to one of our favorite stores!

  3. What fun outfits. Osh Kosh is great for summer play clothes! Cute, good quality stuff.

  4. here in the UK its been nothing but cold and snowy so I am so ready for Spring and more so for summer and can not wait to go and treat myself to some fun new bright clothes

  5. Osh Kosh always has cute styles! I love their color palettes and cute little screen tees for boys!

  6. your kids are really awesome and funny. They are enjoying things. I like the dress she wear. My daughter will love it.

  7. These are some cute outfits! I remember when my kids let me dress them, I got to be so creative–they were looking so adorable every day. Oshkosh Bgosh is definetly one of the places I’d get there clothes from. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Very helpful tips to get ready for Spring! Oshkosh B’gosh is one of most recognized brand of children’s apparels. They always have cool styles, need to check it out.

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