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How to rent a car for 10 passengers?

If you need a car for a dozen people – you need to find a car rental for 10 passengers that fit your needs best. There are different requirements that each company has that you need to comply with to rent a car for a dozen or more passengers. Here are the most common ones you will see at the 10-person van rental.

A valid driver’s license, valid passport and International Driver’s Permit. 

  • Americans renting a car in the US will need a valid driver’s license possessed for two or more years. 
  • To rent a vehicle abroad you need a valid driver’s license possessed for two or more years and a valid passport. Certain states could ask for an International Driver’s Permit.
  • Additionally 10 seater van rental companies ask that all the documents have the same name on them. 

You have to be at least 25.

American car rental companies require you to be at least 25 years of age. If you are younger than 25 you are allowed to rent a car but obligated to pay additional fee for insurance. 

You will need your Credit Card

The company is going to have your security deposit payment made with your credit card. Credit card must be valid, it must belong to a renter and have enough funds to cover the security deposit.


Do you need to have insurance to rent a vehicle?

Yes! Your own insurance or insurance coverage provided by the place of your work, family insurance or the travel insurance you have will work perfectly as well. Also if you do not want to buy the insurance policy on the spot at the last moment you should ask about any type of insurance that the car rental company needs to give you a vehicle and if such service is covered by your insurance policy. The citizens of the states other than the US have to buy insurance when they rent a vehicle.

Is it obligatory to have a valid driver’s license?

Yes, absolutely. Possessing the valid driver’s license that isn’t expired, revoked or suspended is obligatory. It is also important to have the original document with you, copies are not accepted. A valid driver’s license is required for every driver that will be behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Can you rent a vehicle without a credit card? 

Some rentals accept debit card as long as it is under the renter’s name. You should ask your rental company about it beforehand. Other than that only cash. 

Can I use cash instead?

You can to an extent. Usually rental companies allow you to pay for the car but not necessarily for the use of it. The cases when you can rent the car fully for cash are very rare and most of the time a driver still needs to possess a valid credit card under his name.  

How big is a vehicle rental deposit? 

$100 – $300 is usually the sum of money that is taken from your credit card for the period of renting a vehicle as a security deposit. In this case you will be asked to authorize a withdrawal.


When it comes down to essentials there aren’t many things you need to bring. For the US you just need your license, credit card and your insurance to rent a 10 seater van. Hope you find this post helpful! 

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