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How to Overcome Five Common Essay Writing Problems

Pretty often, adults scold their children for not doing their homework, as if they have already forgotten how they were struggling with it. Writing essays, one of the most typical and, at the same time, one of the most difficult tasks, always was a challenge for many students. The reasons can be absolutely different. Sometimes it happens because the students like science more, and writing even a standard 1-page essay can seem like running a marathon. Sometimes children can have dyslexia, and because of it, they suffer when it comes to writing or reading. But there are some common problems that most schoolchildren and students face, and further in this article, we will try to describe how you can overcome the top 5 most typical issues when writing essays. 

No inspiration, no article 

Don’t think that if you are a student and you are not trying to write a novel or an article worth a Pulitzer prize, then inspiration is not about you, and you don’t need it. You may have a perfect idea, but if you lack motivation, there is a high risk that this idea will remain just a sparkle in your mind without a further impulse. When you are interested in the topic, or you consider yourself to be an expert, then everything moves quickly. But what should you do if you lack inspiration? First of all, we can recommend you to read the examples of works on similar topics. It’s not about copying; it’s about seeing the way others express their opinion and trying to find your own words and ways to express what you think. But it’s also essential to understand when even hundreds of examples will not work for you. In such cases, it’s always better to use the help of professional writing services; for example, you can  buy essay online on speedypaper.com, without risking receiving a bad mark.


Do you sometimes postpone an important task until the last moment? Do you sometimes feel like not doing something even though you understand that your grades or even your future career depend on it? If you ask scientists why people procrastinate or why they keep postponing a lot of very important questions, they will hardly find the answer. And in this case, actually, there can’t be many different ways of dealing with the problem. Do at least something! It can be the title, the first couple of sentences, or the plan of the essay. You can choose sources or read some articles dedicated to your topic. As soon as you make the first move, everything will go smoothly.

There are only 24 hours in a day

Most students can easily contest the rank of the most active creatures in the world with ants. If they don’t study, then they have a part-time job (or even two of them); when they don’t work, they meet friends and practice sports or hobbies. And sometimes, they can accumulate a lot of undone homework. Pretty often, those home tasks also have the same deadline. So, our recommendation would be to check your calendar and your daily routine so that if there is a very intensive period of the week, you can consider your abilities, and, in case of necessity, you can use the professional essay writing service. Don’t be afraid to say, “write my paper cheap on writepaperfor.me” because you will get good paperwork that will meet your requirements and thanks to which you’ll get a grade for the essay.

External distractions

If you have noisy neighbors on campus that are fond of parties, it will turn into one of the main problems when writing. Even if there is no party, loud noises from your dormmates can be very distracting. Plus, you have your smartphone with social media, YouTube, and many other applications that will consume your time. Try to eliminate every possible distraction. If noise bothers you, then buy absorbing headphones and try to ignore them when you are addressed. Or you can choose a not crowded spot in a park on campus or go on a trail. If to write an article you need some sweets, then make sure that you have them.

Checking grammar 

None of us has installed Grammarly in our heads. And one of the most common problems for students after writing is to make the text look nice. It should also be readable. When you are proofreading your work yourself, it can be a problem because after writing an essay and then after reading it for several, you can simply miss the mistakes, typos, or misspellings. To prevent this, we recommend you take breaks between writing and checking because you need to have a fresh look at your work. And if it’s an urgent task, then ask one of your friends to help. If they missed something, for sure, they would notice that. 

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