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The Magic of Solo Traveling: How to Prepare for Your First Solo Trip This Summer

Have you ever considered travelling on your own? It’s becoming more and more popular. But it does take some forethought. Take a look at our reasons for why you should try solo travelling and what you should prepare before you go. 

What is the magic of solo travelling?

The magic of solo travelling is hard to describe because those who haven’t tried it will assume that the benefits would be better with a companion. And that’s fine. You’re not likely to love it until you try it, but once you do, you might be hooked. 

First, there is the freedom that comes with it. You can go where you want, when you want, and do what you want on your own schedule. If that means you want to sit in front of one painting in the art gallery all day, you won’t have someone prompting you to leave. If you want to skip that landmark because it’s never impressed you, you don’t have to go. Travelling with someone might mean compromising on food, sleeping arrangements, what you want to do at any given moment, and even the timing of each activity.

Then there is privacy. There’s something special in stealing moments for yourself and on a solo holiday, you’re stealing lots. You’re less likely to miss out on activities because it doesn’t fit someone else’s schedule and you’ll be able to experience things all on your own. Nobody needs to know the ins and outs of your trip either. Say you decided to not go anywhere or do anything one day. You instead, stayed in your hotel room and ate the contents of the mini fridge. Others might call that a waste of a precious day abroad, but hey, you loved it, and no one has to know.

Consider the climate

We’re not entirely talking about the weather here, though that is a consideration when packing of course. No, what we mean is that you might want to visit your government site for advice on what’s happening in other countries or even the local municipal sites of the countries you want to visit. Crime rates and statistics, and political issues that you might need to be aware of. These will give you a better idea of what places you would like to go to. Although it’s unlikely you will be a victim of theft, it is worth getting travel insurance just in case. You can check the insurance from Staysure as an example to cover any stolen luggage, money or passport while you’re away. 

Keep in touch

Even though you’re going alone, it does help to regularly keep in touch with the people you are close to. You might find yourself in an unfamiliar situation, and having help at hand from relatives or friends by texting the issue you’re having might be the key to solving any problems you might face. Luckily, we’re all quite adept at doing more than one text or DM a day nowadays, so it wouldn’t be so weird to check in with a snap of the closest landmark. You’re saying, “I’m at the Eiffel Tower” but what you’re really saying is “I’m still alive, don’t worry!”

Prepare for travel

As a solo traveller, you’ll have to think seriously about how you are getting around. You can get a lift to the airport, but once your feet touch solid ground it’s just you and your bag. And the second you leave the airport/train station you will be met with a taxi rank. This probably won’t be the cheapest mode of transport. You should make a note of any shuttle buses that can take you into the city, trains or any metro stations in the vicinity as these will often be cheaper. Depending on your location, the public transport may not tightly adhere to a schedule as you might be used to. It’s worth doing some research to find out the traits of the public transport system of your intended destination and working around any cons to the local transport. Once you are in the city, you can rely on getting around on foot but alternatively, you might be able to hire a bike or a scooter to make things a lot easier.  

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