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4 Tips for Styling a Living Room Rug

Living room rugs make a huge difference. When someone walks into your living room, certain elements will immediately make an impression. Your rug choice will be one of them, along with the paint color, the objects you choose to display, and the furniture configuration.

You can style living room rugs in various ways, and how you choose to do so will also make a lasting impression when you have guests. Before you go shopping for the best wool rugs 8×10, let’s go over some tips for styling the rug you choose.

Do You Want a Bold or Muted Rug?

When looking at rug styles, the color and design matter a lot. If you are going for an eclectic, modern design in the room, that is when you might feel a bold color and pattern choice for your rug makes sense.

However, if you are going for a sleepy, comforting look in the living room, and the art and furniture choices reflect that, then the rug should as well. In this instance, you’ll want to look for a muted rug color and pattern that blends into the background instead of immediately attracting the eyes of any visitor getting their first impression of the room.

What Kind of Texture Do You Want?

A rug’s texture also helps to dictate the feel you’re going for in a room. Keep in mind that rugs are made of all kinds of materials. You can find ones that are thin and lay flat or others that are plush and allow your feet to sink into them.

When you go shopping for rugs, it’s often best to visit a store in person. This way, you can take off your shoes and feel what each rug is like under your bare feet. This is a way you can tell what it will be like to have it in your home.

What is the Rug’s Intent?

Consider intent when rug shopping as well. Do you want the rug to muffle sound so you don’t disturb a downstairs neighbor? Do you want one that will prevent drafts? Are you looking for room insulation during cold weather? Maybe you want one that will protect your floors from scuffs.

If you’re not sure which rug will do each of these things, it’s okay to ask. Speak to the salespeople at the rug store. They should be able to help you decide.

Consider How the Rug Will Look with Everything Else in the Room

Maybe you find a rug that you absolutely love. However, it might clash with the other objects in the room.

Consider taking a picture of the living room as presently constituted and bringing it with you when you go rug shopping. Look at the artwork, the lamps, the bookcases, and everything else you have in there already. How will the rug look with what you’ve set up? Will it fit in perfectly, or will it draw the eye for the wrong reasons?

These factors should all influence your choice.

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