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How to Add Personality to Your Interior

Interior design shouldn’t only be beautiful and inviting, but it must bring you joy throughout the years. Turning your home into a showroom might feel like a good idea at the time, but copying interior design magazines or following trends might cause you to craft rooms that lack character.

Give your property charm by finding ways to inject your taste, passions, and interests into various spaces. Learn how to add personality to your interior.

Add Bursts of Color and Character

It doesn’t matter if you love minimalism, maximalism, or something in between; you mustn’t shy away from incorporating color and character into rooms across the home. For instance, bold works of art will add vibrancy and intrigue to an interior design while stopping walls from appearing bare and unloved.

Also, you could add splashes of texture, brightness, and charm by adding a needlepoint oval rug, coasters, or canvases from ericawilson.com. It will express your personality in a unique way while helping you fall more in love with your home.

Display Your Achievements

Don’t hide your medals, trophies, and awards in a cabinet or drawer. Put them on display for all your guests to see. It will ensure you feel a sense of pride each time you step into a room and will highlight your many accomplishments to date. 

It is a great way to personalize your home and ensure it doesn’t feel like a cold, uninviting showroom. Decorate rooms with items that celebrate your talents and achievements, such as framing your diplomas or medals, placing your pottery pieces on shelving, or displaying your artwork on one or more walls.

Add Sentimental Pieces

A house should feel like a home. The more connected it is to your personality, the more inviting it will feel throughout the years. For this reason, you shouldn’t be afraid to add sentimental items close to your heart. For example, you could frame a grandparent’s medals, add a childhood teddy to your bed, display wedding photos or snaps of your children, and place much-loved ornaments on shelving across the home. The sentimental items will tell your story throughout the property and allow guests to learn more about you when stepping inside.

Upcycle Furniture

As you will want your home to ooze personality, you may want to avoid buying furniture directly from a store, as other loved ones may own the same pieces. Put a stamp on your property by upcycling furniture and accessories for added charm and character.

For example, you could turn a wooden pallet into a coffee table or bedside furniture, apply paint to old wooden dining chairs, or reupholster an armchair to complement your living room or bedroom’s interior design.


If something feels missing in your beautiful home, it could lack personality. For this reason, you must find ways to add character and charm to the space, from adding decorative items that bring you joy to displaying your achievements, much-loved photos, and stunning works of art you adore.

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