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How Church Leaders Can Justify Their Parental Role

Church leaders live dual lives, so maintaining a balance between personal and professional roles can be challenging. Consider the situation daunting if you are also a parent because you may fall short on either or both fronts. You may not have enough time for your kids, while parental stress can affect your pastoral role. Neglecting either of the two is the last thing you want to deal with. Fortunately, there are ways to give your best on both sides, provided you are creative enough. Here are some tips for church leaders to justify their parental role.

Think quality instead of balance

Achieving the balance between your work and family is perhaps the most painful part of being a church leader. But you can eliminate the pain by thinking about quality instead of balance. Avoid achieving equality in the number of hours you spend with your kids and at work. Focus on spending quality time with your clan as it enables you to do more with less. Listen to them, engage in enjoyable activities, and plan outings when possible..

Be present in the moment

Being present physically is not about doing justice to your parental role, and it is one blunder most church leaders make. You tend to be absent-minded with your mind wandering at church even as you spend time with your kids. Consider being present in the moment and giving attention to the people at hand. After all, your loved ones deserve your time as much as your disciples.

Grow personally and professionally

Giving your best to both roles is about growing personally and professionally. Master your parental skills by following your spouse, getting inspiration from people around you, and tapping your understanding of faith. Professional growth is about joining training programs and journey groups that help you become a better leader. Self-development makes you more confident as a parent and church leader as it shows better ways to do things.

Prioritize special occasions

Although church leaders tend to be busy during festivals, setting aside time for your parental duties is critical. While you may only squeeze in some time during Christmas and Easter, be ready to make up on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and graduation ceremonies. Show up on these days so that your kids know how much they matter to you.

Integrate ministry and family when possible

Although you cannot be at two places at once, you can bring everyone together in one place. Find creative ways to integrate ministry and family when possible, and involve your kids in your work. It gives your kids a chance to see the greatness of your job because they are a part of acts of service, such as volunteering for a good cause, like feeding the poor and helping orphans. The initiative can foster bonding and bring your kids on the same page with your church duties.

Justifying your parental role as a church leader is easier than you imagine, provided you are committed to both roles. Follow these tips to give your best as a father and a leader.

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