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5 Ways Busy Moms Can Connect With Jesus

Maybe you love writing in a journal or doing a devotional on the less stressful days. I am going to share some simple ways busy moms can connect with Jesus, even on the hardest of days.

I know for me sitting down and just praying for a few minutes or reading that devotional can really help change my attitude, make me grateful, and just make the rest of the day run smoother! But on those days you can’t, here are some solutions!

Ways Busy Moms Can Connect with Jesus

Ways Busy Moms Can Connect With Jesus

Being a mom is a busy job, from getting everyone ready in the mornings, cooking meals, cleaning the house, keeping up with laundry, and the list goes on! Not to mention those days when your little one needs a lot of attention from mommy, and you can’t find much time for yourself!  On those days it can be hard to find time out of the day to connect with Jesus.

Ways Busy Moms Can Connect With Jesus

Finding Time for God With A Busy Schedule

Prepping and Cooking

While you have the time to cook up dinner, and your chopping those vegetables, think of God. Take the time to thank him for the food you are making, your family, and so on. It may not be the most smooth time but any time is better than no time. You can even pray during this time for anyone in need!

Prayers at Meal Time

Making time for the family to stop and pray can be really good for our souls. Even on a busy morning, you can take a few minutes to stop and thank God for the meal and the day ahead.

Play Time 

If your kids are playing for a bit, maybe grab yourself a Psalms to Color and Soothe the Soul coloring book for adults. If your child likes to color, give them a coloring book as well. This coloring book is filled with floral patterns and gorgeous nature scenes. If you didn’t know coloring can bring peace and relieve stress and anxiety! So make sure to take a little free time with the kids and color!

Waiting to Pick Kids Up

If you have kids that are in school and you have to sit and wait in a line, you can use that time to draw close to God. Whether it is listening to worship music and singing along,  You can sit and pray to God, read your devotional, or any other form you like to do to connect.

Play Worship Music

If you are loading up the dishwasher and picking up the house, consider listening to worship music while you do it. This is a great way to lift your spirits and feel like you are fitting in some time with God! Your kids will probably even enjoy listening!

Ways to Connect with Jesus

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