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Looking for a Change?: 5 Essential Interior Design Tips

Making our homes our dream home is a must. When you want to find a new identity in your home’s design, you’ll have to do plenty of planning and brainstorming to find the perfect interior design plan. We all come to times in our lives when change is not only wanted, it’s needed. With this in mind, there are five essential design tips you should know about if you’re looking to tackle a huge interior design project in 2023: 

1. Focus on Your Windows

The windows are the portal that separates your interior design from your home’s exterior design. Especially if you have a wonderful view out of your home, you’ll want to emphasize your window in your interior design plans. There are fantastic ways to make a window pop, and you can take advantage of them in 2023. Using curtains and drapes that match your window’s style, and which attract the eye, will help you draw all visitors’ eyes to your windows the next time they visit. You also want to make sure your window matches the interior design aesthetic of the room you’re placing them in. If you install curtains or drapes that clash with a room’s aesthetic, they will become an eyesore that will degrade your otherwise great taste. For a curtain that’s easy to open and close, you should invest in decorative baton traverse curtain rod sets. They are fantastic for those who don’t want to deal with strange knots and levers every time they want to lower their curtain or drapes. 

2. Change Up Your Furniture

Your furniture is often the centerpiece of a space’s interior design style. When you find a piece of furniture you love, it’s hard to let go. That being said, change is good every once in a while. If your furniture no longer fits your taste, doesn’t fit in with the new home you’ve moved into, or if you simply want a change-up in your life, buying awesome new furniture is a great idea. The fact that you can get furniture fairly cheap by thrifting will open up your options immensely (especially if you love vintage looks). For those that enjoy a more meat-and-potatoes look, buying pre-made functional furniture from stores like Ikea can be a solid choice. You’ll want to consider the layout of the room you’re putting the furniture in so that you’ll know that the furniture you’re investing in will not digest the space and make it crowded. After all, more open-minded floor plans are all the rage in modern interior design circles. 

3. Consider a New Wall Color or Paper

A room’s walls are the bare palette of your interior design efforts. Before you can make other big changes, you’ll need to consider how they will impact the current color or pattern that adorns the room’s walls. If you’ve become tired of your current wall color, or if you think your new design ambitions will clash with your current color, you’ll need to go out and find a new color or pattern that will make the room pop. Finding a way to keep your color palette consistent and complementary throughout all the decisions you make regarding a room’s interior design is absolutely essential, after all. There are endless patterns and colors you can choose from when redoing your wall, so finding one that feels like you, is key. Doing so will allow you to stand out from your friends and neighbors’ homes with ease. The more effort you put into searching for the right color, the better. Additionally, you should always bring home sample paint sticks and cards to test out the color IRL before buying the paint you’ll need to get the job done. Doing so will ensure you’re making the right choice, and will save you money in the long run. 

4. Find Art that Inspires You

Interior design is an art form in and of itself. With this in mind, you’ll want to complement your artistic choices with other people’s art. Artistic wall decor, statues, and other art pieces provide the perfect way to add a bit of spice to a room’s interior design. Endless art choices await you, especially if you go to thrift stores to find the right item to make your room pop. Additionally, you can use DIY decor and family heirlooms to make the space feel cohesive and attractive to exist in. Enjoyment is essential when making any interior design choices, as making a choice that goes against your taste is sure to backfire in the long run.

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