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6 Must-Know Country Two Step Tips

Two step, especially country two step, is one of the most enjoyable ways of enjoying a casual dance session. If you’ve been looking for a healthy hobby that will meld perfectly with your love of good ol’ country music, two step is certain to be up your alley. Here are six must-know country two step tips that can help you get started:  

1. Beginner Lessons are Key

Everyone has to start somewhere. When you’re learning a fun new hobby like country two step, you need an instructor who can help you breeze through the basics. Learning them on your own is certainly accessible, but not nearly as fun as learning with someone, after all. Thankfully, there are plenty of fun dancing clubs and classes throughout the US that teach people to country two step every single day. 

2. Balancing Turns

If you want to balance on your toes during your two step moves, you need to learn how to properly balance your toes. This is one of the most integral parts of learning the art form, so every beginner has to perfect it before moving on to bigger and better things. If you’ve got thick calf muscles, you’ll have no problem nailing this step (with a bit of grace added on top). You have to use good posture and balance your core when turning to pull off the in-between moments of two step moves. There’s a lot of finesse that goes into turning, but once you’ve done it a few times successfully, it will become ingrained into your muscle memory. Soon enough, you’ll learn how to perform them with little-to-no effort at all. 

3. Doing Drills for Turns

Spinning is key to looking fancy and proper on the two step dance floor. If you want to make your turns and spins look stellar, you have to use the drill for turn method. Basically, you’ll need to practice, practice, practice. Repetition of key drills for perfecting your turning technique will help you up your two step game, and unlock the ability to do a much wider variety of dances. Every art form demands practice and patience to master, after all, and country two step dancing is no different. Practice chaines spins in a straight line while switching up your arm movements, for a simple, yet effective turning drill. Once you’ve got the turning methods town, you’ll be well on your way to more complex moves, like pirouettes. 

4. Learn to Spot Spins

To keep your dancing efforts safe and steady, you’ll need to learn the proper spotting technique. This spotting technique requires you to snap your eyes and neck on the focal points of your dance moves. If you spin about without using this technique, you’ll get dizzy fast. Failing to master this technique is a rookie move, so make sure you avoid it. If you have long hair, it’s highly recommended that you put it up in a tight bun, or in another unobtrusive hairstyle, while country two-stepping. Doing so will help you use spotting more effectively, and will keep you from getting drenched in sweat as you enjoy long dance sessions. Then, you can even enjoy two step outdoors at the next big event you attend. It is wedding season, after all. 

5. Studying Different Steps

Two step is deceptively simple at first glance. This is what attracts many casual dance fans to the art form in the first place. And while it is simple enough for beginners to get dancing quickly, there’s also a lot more to two step moves than you’d assume there to be. To really up your two step game, you’ll need to take time to study the different steps in-depth. Watch videos and watch real-life dancers performing steps to get a solid idea of what’s involved in your favorite moves. Trying to just jump into a step without doing this step is a recipe for disaster. If you’re taking a country two step dancing class, the instructor can walk you through any extra-tricky steps with ease.

6. Always Have Fun

If you’re learning how to two step, or if you’re mastering your current skills, you need to focus on one goal above all else: having fun. If you’re pushing yourself to do country two step without a passion for the art, what’s the point? As you perfect your moves and meet new friends, you’ll have an absolute blast with country two step. Whether you’re doing it at home, or at a fancy club, you’ll find plenty of time to enjoy yourself. With all the worries you have to shoulder day-to-day, it’s good to have a fun, exercise-heavy hobby to pass the time with. It’ll keep your heart, body, mind, and soul young.

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