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15 Fun Fall Crafts for Kids – Cute and Easy Craft Anyone Can Make

If you are searching for some fun Fall Crafts for Kids, I have 15 amazing options for you to explore! Your month of crafting with your kids can be easily planned out! 

Who doesn’t love Fall? Pumpkins, beautiful leaves, apples…you name it, it’s all simply amazing. In fact, Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons. 

Fun Fall Crafts for Kids!

In our house, we love to celebrate the seasons by doing a lot of fun seasonal crafts as well. I love finding new ways to create pumpkins, and celebrate the beauty of fall, all by using a bit of paper, glue, paint, and markers. 

How many times has your child asked you to create something with them, but you’ve been at a loss for fun and unique ideas? These Fall Crafts for Kids will keep you and your children busy for days! 

In fact, if you play your cards right, you could easily spend a month or two creating all of these fun Fall crafts. And honestly, can one ever have too many Fall decorations in their home? I think we all know the answer to that.

Celebrate the fun and beauty of Fall with these simple and amazing Fall Crafts! 

15 Cute and Easy Fall Crafts for Kids

Fall is my favorite season, pumpkins, apples, hayrides, I just love the cool crisp air. Get into the fall spirit and enjoy a day inside crafting with the kids as the cold air rolls in.  So though on some comfy sweats and have some fun crafting up these fun fall kids crafts!

Fall Crafts for Kids

Fun and Easy Fall Crafts that your Kids will Love creating this Season! Get your hands dirty, play in the leaves, and create these fun fall crafts for kids.

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  1. What neat and fun ideas, fall has always been my favorite time of year. I really like the corny containers.

  2. That toilet paper roll pumpkin is super cute! Well, they're all cute, but I think I want to try making that pumpkin first.

  3. These are all adorable but the paper plate owl is my favorite. I think there is enough crafts here to keep little ones happy for the whole fall season.

  4. LOVE THIS and immediately pinned it before i even looked at it! So cute and I can't wait to grab my kids and play and use our imaginations with art.

  5. What fun Fall crafts for kids, we love Fall around here. It's not too hot and not too cold. The colors of decor are gorgeous and the leaves changing color here in NH are beautiful. Thanks for sharing these so I have more craft ideas!

  6. I LOVE handprint crafts! Of the lot, that owl craft is one I know my 4 year old would love while my daughter would enjoy putting together that pumpkin.

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