Rainbow Crafts for Kids

Rainbow Crafts for Kids

Don’t ever forget that the rain brings beautiful rainbows into your life! These fun rainbow crafts for kids are a great reminder that there’s always beauty after a storm!

While seeing a rainbow doesn’t seem to be all that common of an occurrence, when we do get to see one, we are in awe. So much beauty in one simple view. When you stop and think about rainbows, they’re almost truly magical.

Bright vibrant colors with the elusive pot of gold at the end…who doesn’t love all that fun?!

We talk about rainbows so much in our house, that these fun rainbow crafts are a perfect way to learn, talk and create our very own. And I love how each one is so different from one another.

They are a great way to dream of sunny days when it’s raining, or just find ways to have your children create and use their imagination. We’ve even made some of these adorable rainbow crafts and given them out to people just to “brighten” their day.

However you and your kiddos decide to craft is totally up to you, but make certain that these fun rainbow crafts are on your radar to create together!

10 Fun Rainbow Crafts your Kids will Love!

1. Rainbow Necklaces by Mommy’s Bundle
2. Rainbow Leprechaun Trap by Club Chica Circle
3. Rainbow Dyed Sensory Rice by The Homespun Hydrangea
4. Rainbow Wind-chime by Creative Green Living
Rainbow craft ideas for kids
5. Edible Rainbow by Baby Loving Mama
6. Rainbow Cloud Wall Flag by Mom Spotted
7. Button Rainbow by About Family Crafts
Fun and Easy Rainbow Crafts for Kids to Create
8. Felt Rainbow by Baby Loving Mama
9. Rainbow Shamrock by Baby Loving Mama
10. Rainbow Gold Coin Rubbing by Artsy Momma

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