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5 Tips for Getting a Better Night’s Sleep as a Mom!

Thank you to Nectar for providing a Nectar Mattress to facilitate this post. All opinions shared are my own. 

My oldest child is 12, so that means I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in over 12 years.  People talk about how moms are sleep deprived during the infant and toddler stages of motherhood, but let’s get real for a moment, once you become a mother that deep “not a care in the world” sleep is pretty much gone forever.  Whether you’re waking up to check on your school aged kids in the middle of the night, up late finishing some last-minute project, or waiting up worried about your teenagers, your sleep pattern is changed forever once you become a mom.

That is why I want every moment that I am in bed resting to be the most comfortable and relaxing possible.  Waisted sleep time spent tossing and turning to leave us exhausted and cranky the next day.  I have come up with a handful of ways to help me fall asleep and stay asleep when once I have tucked in all my little blessings.

Tips for Falling Asleep and Staying Asleep

Get your bedroom in check!  For a long time, I had my work desk in my room, which made me constantly think about projects that were due.  Also, because we were tight on space, my kids would invade my room as an extra movie spot which led to clutter and messes.  Who wants to sleep surrounded by DVD cases, empty cups, and piles of toys? Not most moms.  Once I took a day to fully declutter my bedroom, it had an instant impact on my sleep.  I moved the work area out and made up a rule about kids only being allowed in mommy and daddy’s room if they were sick, needed to talk with us privately, or with special permission (because I know my cuddling years are coming to an end soon with my 8-year-old twins and there are days I just need to say ok, climb in).  My bedroom is now one of my favorite rooms in the house, it is my own beautiful and relaxing space.

Get the Right Mattress!  For years I slept on an old uncomfortable mattress and wondered why I wasn’t getting a great night’s sleep.  A great night’s sleep requires a great mattress!  For us, that mattress is the NECTAR memory foam mattress.

It was delivered to us quickly in a blue shipping bag, with a duffle bag inside to carry the mattress easily.  Once we opened the duffle bag we cut off the plastic protection and unrolled the mattress, and then let it sit for a couple of hours to expand, it even came with 2 memory foam pillows!  Once the bed was unpacked and set up, I was floored by the high quality!  I have used “bed in a box” type mattresses before and have never been impressed, till now!  The NECTAR bed is beautiful, the quilting on both the mattress and the pillows is visually appealing while the mattress itself is firm and so comfortable.

The NECTAR mattress is healthier to sleep on, firmer for support, softer for rest, and a little bouncier than other memory foam mattresses.


Gel Memory Foam – Delivering weight distribution and pressure relief.

Sleep Cool – The top layer of quilted memory foam stimulates airflow.  This prevents overheating and keeps you comfortable as you sleep.  Plus, it keeps out dust mites.

Bed Bug Resistant!

Easy and Free Delivery!

Not sure about buying a mattress online?  No problem, A good mattress manufacturer, like The Nectar Sleep Mattress, offers peace of mind with a 365-day sleep trial, a forever guarantee, and free returns!

Learn more about The NECTAR Mattress here!

Check on the Kids, Check on the House, Then have a Cup of Tea!  The kids are in bed, and your exhausted so you shut off the lights and jump into bed, only to wake up an hour later to check to see if the door is locked or check on the kids.  I did this all the time!  Now I make around during my nighttime routine, I check on each of the kids and make sure they are sound asleep and tucked in.  Then I check on the house, make sure the door is locked and the lights are off, then I sit and have a glass of tea to unwind from the day.  Mothers worry, it’s what we do, so by making the rounds and checking on everyone before I head to my bedroom, I’m more likely to stay in bed all night.  Plus, sitting for a few moments with my tea helps me sort out anything still on my mind from the day.

Stretch out your Body!  You’ve bent over a hundred times throughout the day to pick up toys, give kisses, and tie shoes.  You’ve stood at the sink, sat at the computer, and carried 20 bags of groceries in to avoid making a second trip.  Your muscles are undoubtedly tight and stressed, give them a good stretch before bed.  Pick a few yoga poses to stretch out any aches and pains and your body will thank you.

Take Some Deep Breaths and Smell the Lavender!  Once your room is set, your bed is comfy, the house is checked, and your body is stretched, it’s time to hit the pillows.  The scent of lavender had a calming and relaxing effect on the body, and studies have shown it helps improve sleep.  I add a few drops of natural lavender oil to a cup by my bed, and the breath and out deep and slowly.  This typically helps me fall asleep within minutes of getting into bed. In addition, If you’re looking for a spiritual way to improve your sleep, you may try using healing crystals. Simply place the crystals under your pillow before going to bed, and let them do their work. In addition to helping you sleep better, the crystals for protection can also protect you from negative energy and promote positive thinking.

These are my simple and effective tips for getting some good sleep throughout motherhood.

What helps you sleep?

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