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Polo Mistakes Women Shouldn’t Make in 2023

Wearing a polo as a woman isn’t easy. If you aren’t careful to style it just right, you will almost certainly end up looking frumpy or tedious or unstylish for some other reason. However, if you can learn to buy the right polos and wear them properly, you can enjoy a timeless and chic top that can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

How a person dresses says a lot about them. So, an outfit has a great impact on first impressions. One great thing about polos is that they are versatile, you can pair them up with any type of pants. To finish your look, you would never go wrong with womens italian sneakers. You may also opt to accessorize to level up with a classier look.

Most mistakes women make in wearing polos stem from the types of polos for women they buy. That means that if you can avoid the following pitfalls in your polo shopping, you can see greater fashion success in your polo future:

Fit Intention

First and most importantly, you need to know exactly how you want your polos to fit before you put them in your permanent wardrobe. By having a set intention for your polo while you are shopping, you can choose the correct fits that your wardrobe needs.

Current fashion trends recommend slightly oversized and boxy tops, so you may gravitate toward polos that are a bit baggy in their fit. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should automatically size up when you are buying polos; in truth, larger sizes tend to have different proportions, which can cause you to drown unfashionably in the fabric rather than thrive in your oversized fit. If your normal size isn’t giving you the slouchy fit you crave, you should always try a larger size before committing to keeping it in your closet. If the shoulder seam falls too far down your arm, you might need to choose a different polo.

Additionally, though baggy clothes are certainly on trend, you probably want to acquire at least one or two polos that fit you as they should. Slim-fitting polos are more appropriate in less-causal settings, and they help to create balance when you choose bottoms that are more voluminous, like wide-leg trousers or flowy skirts.

Sleeve Length

Conventional fashion wisdom states that the sleeve of a polo shirt should end in the middle of your upper arm. However, many women’s polos have slightly shorter sleeves, which end an inch or two above the middle of the upper arm. A severe mistake in polo styling is wearing a polo with a much shorter sleeve, like a cap sleeve, which can appear much too girlish for this top. It is equally bad to have a polo with sleeves that fall below the elbows, which indicates that the shirt is much, much too large for the wearer.

Torso Length

There is not a definitive rule for the length of a polo in women’s fashion because women can get away with a wide variety of fits, from cropped polos to oversized polos. If you are looking for a cropped option, you should try to keep the hemline close to your natural waist, which will preserve some of the smart-casual look of the polo and prevent the shirt from being unnecessarily revealing.

Because baggier polo styles are very much in, you can get away with polos that fall well past your waist and hips, but polos that are longer than your knees should always be non-starters. However, you should probably be tucking a corner of extra-long polos into your pants to give your body some shape under the swaths of fabric.

Material Quality

You don’t want to waste money on a polo shirt that is going to fall apart after just a few washings, and you don’t want the colors of your polo to fade with time, either. Most polos are made of some kind of cotton blend, though there are performance polos with sweat-wicking fabrics, jersey polos, 100 percent polyester polos, and more. Regardless of the textile you prefer, you should feel your polo before you commit to it, making sure the fabric is thick and the stitching is tight, which signals high-quality construction.

Women can wear anything, polos included — we just need a little guidance to get the style right, sometimes. By paying attention to the above details while shopping for polos, you should be able to add some excellent polos to your closet and create polo outfits that make you look and feel good.

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