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How to Save Money with Entertainment Coupon Books

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Entertainment®, in which I was compensated. All opinions are my own.

How to Save Money on Family Fun

Use Entertainment Coupon Books to Save Money on Family Fun

I have used the Entertainment Coupon Books for as long as I can remember.  I remember my mom buying the books each year as part of our sports fundraisers.  I would sit and flip through the “activities and attractions” section, thinking about which coupons my parents might use.

I guess I’ve always had a wanderlust spirit.

As an adult, I continued to buy the Entertainment Premier Savings Books for myself each year, either to help support local fundraisers or just because I loved the savings they offered.  However, as time has passed and technology evolved, I found myself buying a book that would just sit on our coffee table to be flipped through occasionally.  I would use the attraction coupons all the time because those were outings that I would sit and plan, but I knew I wasn’t getting the most out of my savings book.

Like most of you, I am busy!  Three kids, a house to run, a business, and so on, my brain gets to full and I would often find myself at a retail checkout counter or at a restaurant table remembering that I had an awesome coupon, that was sitting on my table at home.


So, I was ecstatic when I learned that Entertainment had come up with a solution that will benefit all us on the go moms, who are also trying to save and stay on budget.  The digital membership!  You can now download the Entertainment app and access all those amazing deals!

Now all the coupons and savings that have kept me buying the Entertainment Premier Savings Collection books for decades, are going to be used to the best of my ability, and I couldn’t be more excited!


For over 50 years, Entertainment® has been the leading provider of unbeatable local discounts throughout the U.S. and Canada. Allowing consumers to enjoy doing more for less cost while supporting local businesses in the community. Consumers have saved over $22 BILLION since 1962, and that number will continue to grow as it offers amazing discounts that we can now have in the palm of our hands all the time.

I recently received the 2018 Tampa Bay Edition and there are so many great deals I am already planning to use.

Some of my favorites Coupons include:

Buy one admission to Skate World and receive one admission free.
Buy one admission to Jungle Bounce and receive one admission free.
Buy one admission to Clearwater Marine Aquarium and receive one admission free.
All the Chuck E Cheese coupons offer big savings for my family on rainy days.
Plus, great discounts to the Sunken Gardens, Dolphin Landings, and countless other attractions, stores, and restaurants!


As a family of 5, these coupons really help us stretch our budget, and allow us to take our children on fun experiences they might otherwise not be able to experience.

Have you bought an Entertainment Premier Savings Coupon Book recently?

Now’s the time to try it again, Use promo code SAVE5 to receive $5 off all Entertainment Books plus free shipping!  (Expires 9/25)


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  1. I used to buy the Entertainment Book every year. I’ll have to look into this year’s deals and consider it again!

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