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How to Plan an Incredible Backyard Wedding

Weddings are so important, but they’re also very expensive. For those that have the budget, it’s a perfectly acceptable cost. Between the venue, the dress, the food, the entertainment – all of that costs, and to get it just right can cost tens of thousands.

The average wedding in the US today is $30,000. This is very similar to Canada and many other countries (especially when you work in cost equivalence. It’s a lot to put on a huge party, and unlike other parties where you can charge your guests tickets to attend, the wedding is usually hosted entirely by the bride, groom, and their families.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend $30,000 on your wedding. You can spend far, far less and still have an amazing experience by following these tips:

Guest List

Backyard weddings need to be small. You need to be able to seat the number of guests at least once for the dinner. To make this happen easily, cut your guest list aggressively. You can invite more people to the ceremony itself and then stick around afterwards for the good wishes, but keep the guest list for the reception small. You’ll want your immediate family and closest friends only. If you happen to have a massive yard, then, of course, you can invite more, but always be mindful of the space. You don’t want people to be so crowded it’s uncomfortable. A part of a successful event is providing your guests with enough comfortable and well-sanitized toilets, so make sure to consider checking towable porta potty rental service dallas or anywhere near your venue. The bigger the crowd the more toilets you should place to avoid long queues.

Have the Ceremony Somewhere Else

Getting married in a church or at the town hall and then having the party and event at yours is a great way to save on costs while also saving the entirety of your backyard space for your reception and meal.

Keep Things Simple and Refined

You don’t have a lot of space in a backyard for your wedding, which is why everything, from your dress to your décor, needs to be simple. Find your perfect dress for an intimate wedding, and choose a few simple but select decorations, but do a lot with a little.

A great way to make a big impact in your small venue is to use lights. Get garden lights, fairy lights, and other soft, romantic lighting for your big day. This way, it’ll slowly become more and more dreamy and romantic as the day goes on.

The same goes for flowers. Small, but tasteful floral details will make a much bigger impact than trying to go for a huge arrangement. The backyard may already have a bunch of flowers, so use those to your advantage.

Opt for a Family-Style Meal

A great way to save big on costs is to have your guests coordinate and bring a dish to the party. From there you just need to set up a long table and dress it up so that you have a stunning, romantic family-style meal where you can have your toasts and so on.

Simple, But Great Entertainment

Finally, your entertainment. Get a few Bluetooth speakers that sync up, create a playlist, and fetch some lawn games. Other great ways to make your wedding feel special is to get a Polaroid (you can rent these and then pay for the film) and have guests take pictures and pin them to a wall. Host dancing competitions, and, in general, just spend time with the ones you love. It’s your day, and you can make it as amazing as you are even on a budget.

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