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How Parents Can Design Efficient and Streamlined Spaces for Their Kids

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When it comes to designing age-specific spaces, there are several nuances and details parents must be aware of, whether they’re in the process of picking out furniture or adding decorative elements. Kids, from infant to toddler stages and beyond, need spaces where they can not only feel safe and secure but can thrive and build on their developmental skills.

There are several effective ways parents can create streamlined and productive spaces for their kids. In this article, we take a look at four simple solutions that can be implemented in any family home.

Embrace Multifunctional Furniture 

We rely on furniture as a means of comfort, but there are also ways furniture can provide enhanced functionality — particularly in your child’s space. Multifunctional furniture is one of the most effective ways to keep things organized and streamlined in their nursery, bedroom, or playroom. 

A changing table that doubles as dresser storage, a crib that transforms into a toddler’s bed, and a playpen that can be configured in multiple styles are just some of the ways parents can take a single piece of furniture and utilize it for years to come.

Creative Storage Solutions

Storage is synonymous with efficiency and streamlined spaces in a home. When it comes to designing a space for kids, the simplest way for parents to ensure the space is functional and safe is to invest in storage solutions — whether that includes mourning floating shelves to store books and trinkets or setting up bins and baskets to house their toys.

Furniture can also play an important role. When your child needs a more grown-up bed, look for beds that offer attached drawers at the bottom. Even a closet organizer can make all the difference in your child’s space.

Create Growth-Based Play Areas

Creating growth-based play areas involves having a specific area for playtime, tummy time, and helping infants and toddlers develop essential motor skills. It involves incorporating educational elements and giving kids a safe space to explore the ground underneath them. Wunderkids playmats are an example of a growth-based play area. With layers of foam and a non-toxic exterior, kids from infant to toddler stages can learn to roll over, crawl, and walk on a non-slip surface in a designated area just for them. Once they begin to develop motor skills, simply adding a gate around the mat allows them to roam free without coming in contact with any hazards around the house.

Ensure Safety & Accessibility

Safety is the most important feature of any room in your home and is especially crucial when designing a space for kids. Whether you’re designing a nursery or playroom, safety and accessibility should be at the forefront of your decision-making.This translates into selecting playmats and climbing sets made of soft materials like micro-velvet, vegan leather, or faux wool. It means ensuring toys and books are within reach and hazardous items, such as lamp chords, are neatly tucked away and wrapped with padding to prevent contact. With spaces that incorporate furniture, ensure these items are either secured to the wall or are able to safely stand in an open space, and all electrical outlets are covered.

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