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Family Member with Mobility Issues? Here’s How to Support Them on Vacation

It can be a challenge to arrange a vacation for any kind of family, and trying to do so while including a person with mobility issues only adds to the complexity. Of course, people with restricted mobility deserve to share fun vacation memories with their families, but there are a few extra steps when planning an accessible trip. Here you will find a few tips on how to support a family member with mobility issues when arranging your vacation.

Find the Right Destination

Some places are much better than others for making guests with disabilities feel welcome and safe. Look online at the photos of resort grounds and hotel rooms as well as descriptions of the amenities so you can identify potentially accessible destinations. Send an email and ask about whether the accommodation can cater to your specific accessibility needs so that you can feel relaxed once you arrive, knowing that your family member will face no obstacles.

Plan the Details Thoroughly

One of the most frustrating aspects of living with mobility issues is having to meticulously plan every detail of the day to ensure safety and access. Support your family member by taking on some or all of the responsibility of planning these essential details, such as transport between accommodations or family activities. Keep your vacation itinerary relatively flexible but start with a plan that takes into account all the most important details.

Bring Essential Mobility Spare Parts

Getting around on vacation can be exhausting, especially for someone with limited movement capacity. Make sure to pack or arrange for adequate mobility aids to keep your loved one comfortable and included, plus some essential spare parts, like a tire or mirror, as you don’t want your loved one to be without their scooter while away. Getting all your spare parts from discountscooters.co.uk, for example, guarantees that your family member can get around in comfort because their mobility scooter continues to operate smoothly no matter what. Talk to hotel staff to find out what equipment or systems they have in place to help guests with disabilities.

Inform Staff

There are some staff members who assist during a vacation that need to know about guests with mobility issues so they can be as inclusive as possible. For best results, call or email ahead of the vacation to make arrangements with the staff.

Connect with Local People

Disability is not confined to one part of the world alone. There are groups everywhere you go of people who live with various disabilities, including mobility issues. If possible, reach out to these groups either before your vacation or once you arrive and ask if they have any fun recommendations for you and your family to all enjoy. Communities with people who also have mobility issues will be able to make suggestions based on their own first-hand knowledge of the area and what is accessible.

If you have a family member with a mobility restriction, it can sometimes feel as if they are being left out of the fun when it comes to taking vacations. However, just because someone has a disability doesn’t mean they can’t spend time in new places and enjoy unfamiliar surroundings. With your support, your whole family can feel included and make memories together.

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