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Unleash the adventure: Best Bike-Friendly Cities for Urban Exploration

If you love to travel and get off the beaten track, exploring by bike could be the best option for you. It’s one of the most exciting and liberating travel experiences. It allows you to gain a unique perspective on a city. You are able to whip around the city’s architecture and landmarks with much more speed, giving you the freedom to spend more time getting to know the culture of a place. Travel by bike gives you a real sense of freedom that simply cannot be replicated with other modes of transport. With that in mind, read on for some of the best bike-friendly cities for urban exploration that everyone should consider visiting. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands 

It’s no surprise that Amsterdam is the biking capital of the world. Bikes are used by locals and tourists alike. You’ll be able to experience the city in the way the locals do. There are over 800,000 in the city, so you can be confident it’s an easy way to get around. The city is covered with bike lanes, so there’s nowhere you can’t get to! Amsterdam is also relatively flat, meaning you can cycle the extensive network of bike lanes and explore the city’s canals and museums on two wheels without getting tired! 

Don’t Miss: For an authentic experience, ensure you cycle through the streets of the Jordaan neighborhood, and stop at the local cafes and pubs. You’ll be glad you did! 

Copenhagen, Denmark 

Copenhagen is another city that stands out due to its biking culture. Over 50% of the city’s residents use a bike to get around so that you can feel confident about its biking infrastructure. You can enjoy the safety of designated bike lands with their own traffic lights. 

Don’t Miss: Be sure to check out the stunning colorful buildings of Nyhavn, the world-famous little mermaid statue, as well as the cool Vesterbro neighborhood. 

Montreal, Canada

Why not head to Canada to explore the bike-friendly city of Montreal? It’s not only vibrant and multicultural but also has a thriving bike community! What’s not to love? You can enjoy over 600 kilometers of bike paths that’ll take you through the historic neighborhood and offer stunning views of the city and skyline. There are also plenty of bike-friendly coffee shops for when you need to refuel. If you are ready for an adventure on two wheels, Steed Bikes has got you covered! 

Barcelona, Spain 

Barcelona has it all! A historic old town, with narrow streets and hidden squares, museums and art and a beach! Not convinced? Barcelona is also incredibly easy to navigate on a bike. There are plenty of cycle lanes, and the whole city is built in a grid formation, making it hard to get lost. There are many unique independent cafes and bars where you can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine before returning on two wheels. 

Don’t Miss: Passeig Maritim is a popular spot for cyclists where you can take in views, of the Mediterranean Sea, and the city’s skyline.

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