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3 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Warmer

Credit: James LaMorder via Pexels

Everybody wants to live in a relaxing space that makes them feel tranquil and at ease. A home can be big or small, fancy or basic. Warmth is a separate quality that speaks more to its atmosphere or vibes than simply an architectural style or design language.

We’ve all been in cold, clinical-feeling places that don’t seem very welcoming. The humblest abode can be a very inviting place that makes people instantly relax. Let’s check out three ways to make your home feel warmer. 

Wood Furniture

Choosing handmade solid wood furniture that’s comfortable to use and beautiful to look at can really warm up a room. It creates a soothing atmosphere that blends with any aesthetic. 

For example, urban condo dwellers may prefer wooden furniture with a contemporary flare, while people in the country may opt for something more rustic. Perhaps they pick exactly the reverse! There are no wrong choices, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

Wooden furniture adds warmth to a space for a few reasons. It’s an unpretentious building material because it’s so practical and durable, yet elegant and classic, too. From log cabins to high-end restaurants and hotels, being around wood is calming. Bring warmth to your home by choosing some customized, solid-wood furniture.

Lighting is Key

If you’ve ever observed how plants naturally gravitate towards sunlight or how people flock to sunny beach destinations, you’ve noticed that life itself seems to be attracted to light. We are drawn to it naturally. More exposure to light makes us happier, while prolonged darkness ruins our mood. Unsurprisingly, the light in your house can play a major role in its atmosphere.

Sunlight is a luxury indoors. It’s a wonderful thing, but you can’t just create a window or skylight on a whim. Where there’s lots of natural light already, emphasize it by adding drapes, plants, and other things that belong and thrive in that atmosphere.

Placing mirrors strategically to spread and disperse natural light is an excellent way to maximize the sun’s warmth in your home. Getting mellow, gentler light bulbs instead of the colder, harsher, clinical lighting is another way to use electric light effectively. 

Dimmers are easy to install but the light at full power should also be pleasing. 

Aromas Matter

Being mindful to create a warm atmosphere means considering all the senses. What does your home smell like? Real estate agents try to make the properties they’re selling feel cozy by spraying a fresh cookie smell in the room because they know fresh baking makes people relaxed and quite literally reeks of home.

Cooking and baking smells can be very inviting, and they add warmth because sharing food with people is what culture is all about! Using other sprays, potpourri, candles, or something else to create a lovely smell will make your home effortlessly warmer. 

Hopefully, one or more of the above tricks will help to make you and all your guests feel warm and comfortable under your roof. 

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