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Top Tips for Promoting Your Baseball Team

Sports marketing can be tricky. It’s different from business marketing. Instead of being about selling a product or service, it’s about creating a loyal following, which requires a personal approach. For your fans to stay loyal, you need to give them a reason to back the team.

Whether it’s the middle of the summer season with baseball fans at the heights of their excitement, or the early season is approaching, and you want to improve your baseball team’s popularity in time for their first game, here are some top tips for promoting the squad.

Provide Promotional Products

If you want to get your team’s name out there while appealing to fans, there’s an excellent way to do so: give out free promotional products. Choose a product relevant to sport, such as a water bottle, and then put your team’s logo and colors on the front. With anthembranding.com, you can choose from a range of high-quality water bottles, from stainless steel to glass ones. From there, you can customize them however you see fit, ensuring the water bottle represents your baseball team. Every time a person reaches for a drink, they will be reminded of your squad!

Use Sponsors

Every baseball team should have a sponsor, as they ensure better marketing and funding. Don’t just jump on the first sponsor, though – consider who you want to represent your team. Ideally, choose one that aligns with your team’s values. For example, as a baseball team, you want to promote hydration during sports, so a bottled water or sports drink brand works well! Once you find a sponsor (or multiple), tag them in your posts and get the team to use the products.

Show Fans Behind the Scenes

Letting your fans get up close and personal with the players will help establish a relationship, thus creating more loyal fans. An easy way to do this is to show fans behind the scenes. Video post-game footage of your player’s thoughts, showing an insight into how the players feel (either after a win or a loss). Do this often, and fans will feel like they have a more personal relationship with the team, encouraging them to show up more.

Use a Team Hashtag

Teams often use social media to promote their games. Go a step further by using a team hashtag when posting. Doing so encourages more people to use the hashtag, which will only spread and promote your team further. Then, if someone wants to quickly view your team’s recent game highlights, all they’ll need to do is type in the hashtag and see what people have said!

Share Game Highlights

If you’re a new team, it’s normal to have only a few people in the stadium. Over time, that will build – help it do so by sharing game highlights on social media. Then, fans will anticipate what will happen in the next game. Eventually, more and more people will want to physically show up, especially if you have highlighted the most exciting moments.

Baseball is a beloved sport across the states. Of course, it takes time to build a following, so use the above methods to create loyal fans that show up through the highs and lows.

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