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4 Everyday Pup Essentials to Get Your Fur Baby Today

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If you’re a dog owner, you know that they aren’t just pets, they are members of the family! They provide companionship, love, and security, especially when their owners are going through some major life changes. I know personally that over the last couple of years my furry friend, Bella, has been able to sense when I needed some extra love or distraction. So I make sure to return the love by spoiling her as much as I can and I have discovered some new Pup Essentials that have her tail wagging with excitement.

If you’re looking for some great products to spoil your fur baby with, look no further!

Pup Essentials To Spoil Your Fur Baby

From healthy treats to new toys, check out these awesome pup finds, your dog will love you for it!

Pet Wants Fresh Pet Treats

Pet Wants has redefined fresh in the food industry with fresh all-natural pet food that is slow-cooked in small batches to ensure your pup gets delicious fresh and clean pet food. Plus they offer free delivery so staying stocked on nutritious pet food is easy on us fur parents too. Bella has tried 2 Treats from Pet Wants and they were both a huge hit:

Wild Caught Freeze-Dried Salmon: These treats are made with one ingredient, Salmon, it’s not farm-raised it’s caught in the Pacific Northwest making it a clean and nutrient-rich must-try for dog parents. This healthy and super tasty treat is perfect for rewarding your pup during training.

Pet Wants Peanutty Cookies: Treats that are made with just 5 human-grade clean ingredients, come in a resealable bag making them easy to travel with, and are packed with the vitamins and minerals that can boost our pup’s energy and immune system. What else could we want in a treat for furry friends?

Multipet International Dog Toys

Keeps your dog engaged, active and excited during playtime with Multipet International Dog Toys. They are the premier award-winning designer and supplier of pet products around the world and the 2 two toys Bella got to play with were a tail-wagging delight. They encouraged movement and got her up playing toss and fetch along with giving her a cuddle buddy.

Lamb Chop® Do you remember Shari Lewis’ classic and beloved lamb from TV growing up? if so this toy might make you as excited as your four-legged pal! Lamb Chop is super soft and great for cuddling plus its squeaker makes it fun for playtime.

Bella has been walking around showing everyone her Lamb Chop toy, but won’t let anyone take it. She’s been sleeping with one eye open whenever someone comes near her, so they won’t touch her baby.

The Globken: This dog toy is all about the noise! Plus doesn’t a rubber chicken just make playtime more fun? It’s perfect for fetch and a great toy for dogs that love to play. The Globken also comes in multiple different bright colors so you can collect them all.

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Dinovite Meal Booster

NubONubs Meal Booster: This 100% freeze-dried raw meat meal topper is loaded with vitamins and minerals and it is easy to use, you just sprinkle it on top of your regular pet food to give each meal a boost of protein. This Meal Topper helps improve the meat to carb ratio and delivers nutrients and protein to their diet. 

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ACANA Premium Dog Food

We all know ingredients matter when it comes to dog food and ACANA has provides a carefully crafted high protein dog food that your pup will love. This pet food has made raw nutrition simple so that our dogs get the taste and nutrition that comes with raw dog food without any of the mess! That’s a major win in my house.  

From their meal bowl to playtime and training, these products are great finds that you should definitely try today. So be sure to spoil them often and watch them wag their tail with glee!

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