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Tips for maintaining your fitness goals during the holidays

This post was sponsored by Optimum Nutrition as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Fitness Goals During the Holidays

Maintaining Your Fitness Goals During The Holidays

Trying to maintain your fitness goals during the holidays can be a chore. With all the tasty temptations, holiday parties and treats being handed out left and right, it is hard! If you are looking for maintaining your fitness goals during the holidays, you are in luck! I will share a handful of ways to stay on track and not lose your sanity in the process!

Don’t toss out all those fitness goals you have been working so hard for, just because the holidays are approaching. Your goal was to get in shape, eat healthily, and stay fit, right? Well, use these tools below to enjoy the holidays without having to start all over with your fitness goals once the new year rings in.

Tips for maintaining your fitness goals during the holidays 

Make Time

With all the holiday schedules that get packed with parties, family dinners, and such, make sure you pencil in time for you and your fitness. Keep your workouts in the books even if you have to cut down your gym time slightly. Consider ways to exercise at home when you can’t make it to the gym. Classic workouts like jumping jacks, running around the neighborhood, lifting weights with items around your house, etc. Just stay on track with your fitness, so you don’t lose that muscle tone you are working towards.

Have Family Join In

Don’t skip your morning jog because your family is in town. Ask them to come along with you and have some quality time together. You can talk and catch up as you walk around your neighborhood or lift weights at the gym. Plus, having a buddy to workout with will keep you both motivated.

Holiday Protein Snacks


Learn to reach for the right kinds of snacks for when you are on-the-go! I love the Optimum Nutrition on-the-go products. I merely stick these little packets in my purse, and when I feel my tummy getting hungry, I just reach in for a protein snack that is delicious and will fuel my body and keep me full. Protein-packed snacks are best, and it will help you resist the holiday desserts. You can find the Optimum Nutrition products at Walmart, for an excellent low everyday price!

Cake Bites to Stay on Track

Allow A Dessert Treat

It is okay to give in to a little treat here and there. This isn’t something you should do for every single meal you have, but once in a great while. Take a small slice of that pumpkin pie or eat a cookie. It is the holidays, and one little treat will not throw you entirely off your course. I have found when you allow yourself to treat to a dessert; it helps you stay on track. Because you allow yourself that wiggle room and then you know it is time to eat right and stay on the wellness goals you had set.

Start Meals With A Salad

Instead of loading up on turkey, ham, and all the fixings, reach for a salad. When you do a nice side salad or bowl of soup, it is a beautiful way to get full faster, without overindulging in the sides. Just make sure the soup is not full of heavy creams, cheese, etc. And be aware of the toppings you put on your salad. Reach for a vinegarette or even olive oil dressing.

Get That Beauty Sleep

Making sure you stay on track and get adequate sleep each night is essential for your health. Not only will it leave you feeling better, alert, and ready to conquer the day, but it can help you make better choices. Having a bad nights sleep or lack of sleep has shown it can lead to over-eating and bad decisions of foods when it comes time to eat.

Smaller Plate

When you go to fix your plate, use a smaller plate. It makes you more aware of your portions, and you don’t have as much space to fill up and over-eat. It is a great way to ask yourself once you finish your plate, “Am I still hungry?”

Cake Bites and Planner


What is your go-to way to stay focused on your fitness and wellness needs around the holidays? Leave a comment below.

Top Style Essentials for Busy Moms!

This post was sponsored by Reebok as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Mom Style Tips Reeboks Shoes

Style Essentials for Moms

Looking for those style essentials to have I your wardrobe? I am going to share some staple pieces that are great to have on hand that you can make look stylish in a hurry! I love fashion but I also like comfort in a sense. So all these staple pieces below are a great way to look stylish and feel good!

Having staple pieces on hand will help you be able to maximize your wardrobe without spending tons of money. Then each item can mix and match with other pieces to allow you a variety of options for your daily life.

Must-Have Stylish Essentials

Tailored Coat
Having a tailored coat can give your outfit an instant upgrade as soon as you slip it on! I really love the nude look but any solid color would work.

Basic Shirts
Find solid colored shirts that will work well with your colors of the closet. Then when you wear these shirts do a side tuck. A side tuck is where you tuck the shirt in slightly on one side. This instantly elevated the look. You can even do this with a T-shirt. I was shocked to see how much a plain shirt can look styled once it is tucked in one side.

Reebox Sneakers for Moms

I always buy a good sneaker that helps keep my feet feeling relaxed as I am out shuffling kids and running errands. Now if you want a more stylish sneaker to reach for, these Women’s Classic Reebok Harman Run Retro Sneaker In rose gold! Now they do have a bunch of different colors to choose from, and I won’t be ashamed to admit I have a few pairs! They add style to your outfit and give you that classic look but also feel amazing on your feet! This is a total classic show that truly will transform your daytime look.  Get your own Reebok shoes online from Shoe Carnival!

Reebok Sneakers in Rose Gold

Have a sleek and fashionable pair of sunglasses always up’s the look. I also like glasses when I want to look put together when dropping the kids off, but maybe I don’t have makeup on. Throw my coat on, jeans and sneakers and put the door we go! The glasses hide my no-make eye and I look great!

Vests are becoming really popular. The army green vest paired with a white and blue striped shirt is everywhere! Vests are also great for taking a simple shirt and really transforming the look. When you buy a vest make sure it flatters your body type and that you have multiple outfits it can work for, so you get more bang for your buck.

Cardigans are great for adding a pop of color, or layer to a look. I love the big knitted cardigans that help warm you up on chilly days and add some fun elements to the look. Deep reds, yellows, oranges are always pretty. If you enjoy layering this is a great staple to stock up on when you find deals on cardigans.

Scarves are really great for adding a pop of color to an outfit. You can take a solid shirt or sweater add an infinity or blanket scarf for a new look. It allows you to have even more versatility with the basics you have stuffed in your closet.

Military Jacket
Another piece that can be used for layering as a look is a military jacket. Great for fall and warmer days in winter to toss on with a few layered shirts, and then add a scarf. The form fit of a military jacket can be very flattering.

Black Leggings Or Yoga Pants
If you are taking the kids to school or making a quick run to the grocery store, sometimes leggings are a great item. Pair with an over-sized sweater or even longer shirt, slip-on sneakers and head out the door. You will feel comfy and have a fun look.

Versatile Dress
Finding a dress that would work for a variety of occasions is always nice. You need to figure out what length of the dress fits your body best. Some might want a maxi dress that goes to the ground, and others might like above or knee length. Finding a solid color dress can be great to have or a simple design that you can use for a variety of events.

Reeboks in Rose Gold for Moms

As you can see my recommendation is always to buy solids so you can pair and mix-and-match items. It allows you to have fewer items in your closet but still have a variety of options when it comes to bringing an outfit together.

Why I Love Movemints Clear Aligner Mints and an Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

This post is brought to you by Movemints and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

Amazon gift card and Moveint Giveaway

My smile has always been a subject of insecurity for me.  I always wanted a perfectly straight smile, but the thought of walking around with a mouth full of metal braces in my thirties horrified me.  So when my dentist suggested clear aligners and mentioned I’d be a perfect candidate for them I was thrilled!  However, there were several things I had no idea about until I was leaving the Orthodontist with my clear teeth aligners.  While Invisible braces is still the only way to go for me, I realize now that I wish I had known about some of the important aspects of wearing clear aligners.  

Getting Clear Aligners

The recommended daily wear time of Clear Aligners is 22 hours!  This includes while your sleeping and as much of your awake time as possible.  Which meant no more meaningless snacking throughout the day or eating while I cooked, because each time I decide to eat, I have to remove my aligners, and then brush my teeth and clean the aligners.  The piece of candy my child left on the counter no longer seems worth it as I walk by the kitchen.  

You can drink with the aligners in, but stick with clear liquids!  My dentist told me I was fine to drink with my aligners in, so I continued my iced tea habit for the first couple weeks, then when I went to my next appointment it was easy to see that my clear aligners weren’t so clear anymore.  Now, I try to stick with water or clear juices in between meals, while my aligners are in.

Having plastic trays on your teeth for 22 hours a day can cause you to have dry mouth which doesn’t feel great or help your breath smell fresh.

You can’t chew gum.  This probably sounds like a no-brainer, but I honestly never thought about it until the dentist listed it out in my “rules”.

Movemints Clear Aligner mints

Luckily I just learned about an amazing product called Movemints™ and they are making life with clear braces so much easier!

Movemints Clear Alignment Mints

  • Movemints™ are a discrete, convenient way to comfortably seat clear aligners when you’re on the go while freshening breath and fighting dry mouth.
  • The Mint that Fits™ was designed by an orthodontist specializing in Invisalign therapy and has patented grooves that fit between the top and bottom trays. These grooves can help you guide your aligners in place without having to chew on those plastic chewies that patients often receive when beginning treatment.
  • Chewies (a small cylinder made of a soft spongy plastic-like material) are reusable and unsanitary. They require placing your fingers in your mouth more, which isn’t recommended, especially during flu season. Movemints are a great tasting, sanitary alternative.
  • Movemints are sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan, and are specifically formulated to be eaten with your clear aligners. They taste great and unlike other mints, they leave no residue or granularity that may irritate teeth and gums.
  • Movemints are sweetened with xylitol, a naturally occurring sugar substitute that can help prevent dry mouth and is thought to prevent tooth decay. It is low calorie and diabetic friendly.
    (Xylitol is a key ingredient in many orthodontic mouthwashes and other sugar-free mints and gums.)
  • Movemints clear aligner mints provide a substitute to gum chewing (which is not recommended while wearing your trays), making it easier for patients to reach the recommended daily wear time of 22 hours.

How amazing are these clear aligner mints?  I have a pack in my gym bag, my car, my pcketbook, and pretty much at arms reach all the time.

Mints for clear braces

The Smile Monthly Pack and $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Movemints are a great accessory to have in your on-the-go bag, along with extra retainer cases, an aligner removal tool like the OrthoKey, and EverSmile WhiteFoam which cleans your trays while it whitens your teeth!

Clear Alignments Mints Giveaway

Are you excited to try Movemints?  Make sure to visit and sign up for their mailing list to receive a 20% off coupon plus other special offers.

Mints for Clear Aligners

Movemints have not been evaluated by the FDA.

5 Ways to Unwind and Relax When the Kids Go To Bed

This post is sponsored by MobilityWare but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

ways to relax at the end of the night

Ways to Unwind After the Kids Go To Bed

Have you ever went to get into bed, with the house completely silent, the kids all tucked in, the dished done, and yet your shoulders still feel incredibly tight from carrying the world on them all day?  I have, to many times to count, and it never leads up to a restful night sleep.  I’ve learned over the years that mommy time is incredibly important and finding ways to unwind and relax after the kids go to bed is exactly how I should be spending my evening.

As a work at home mom, I have neglected myself in order to make deadlines.  I have stared at a computer typing away or editing a project until the wee hours of the morning, never stopping to think about how giving myself even just 30 minutes to unwind would improve my wellbeing.  No matter what stage we are at as mothers, or what we do for a living, as moms, we seem to always forget about ourselves.  Once the house is quiet and all the children have asked for their 23rd cup of water and fallen asleep, we don’t start to think about ourselves, we see the dirty dished in the sink, the pile of laundry, the grocery list that needs to be made, and every other chore we feel must be done no matter how tiny it is or how stressful our day was.

I say it’s time to put an end to all that!  Let’s start making a point to add some relaxation to our nightly routine so that we can unwind and prepare mentally to do it all again tomorrow.


5 Fall Must-Haves for Busy Moms

This post is sponsored by Celestial Seasonings but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Fall Must Haves for Busy Moms

My Favorite Fall Must-Haves

Fall is my favorite season.  The weather starts to cool down, the house smells of apple crisp and pumpkin pie, and the weekends are filled with hayrides and pumpkin patches.  However, the fall season can hit us moms like a brick wall of chaos if we don’t have a plan and take time for ourselves.
With the change of seasons also comes back to school, holiday shopping, fall sports starting back up, decorating, and so much more.  So here are my fall must-haves to keep you going and enjoying all the fall favorites.

Fall Must Haves Tea Time


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