Witches Broom

These Witches Broom Halloween snacks are almost too cute to eat! Almost…

There’s no denying that these Witches Broom snacks are downright adorable. Can’t you just imagine the look on the face of your little ones when you let them see the finished product of one and invite them to join in on the creating? Talk about the perfect way to get some good bonding time while also getting pumped up and excited for Halloween!

And did I mention that these are so super simple to make? Seriously, they take literally no time at all but look as though they did. (Aren’t those the best recipes?) Perfect for a fun treat, or even to make and take to a school party, these Witches Brooms are certain to steal the show!

You literally only need three (yes, you read that right!) ingredients to make this adorable snacks! So simple, anyone can do it! I always end up buying a bit extra because I tend to need to taste test a bit along the way. I have to make certain that those Reeses still taste good since they’ve been in the package for a while, ya know? I consider myself brave in doing so!

Have fun with this adorable recipe! It’ll be a crowd pleaser for sure!

Reese’s Witches Brooms!
Pretzel Sticks
Small Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Small tube of Icing
Turn peanut butter cups upside down
Insert pretzel sticks gently
Make a ring around the pretzel stick with icingDONE! It’s that simple.

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