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I remember being a new mom with an inconsolable baby.  The screaming cries and not knowing how to help was terrifying.  My sister in-law was super helpful and explained what colic was.
We switched formulas around as well as bottles until we found the perfect fit.  For Anthony it was Philips Avent bottles, and luckily we used our experiences with Anthony to start the twins off on Philips Avent from the start and they never had any tummy troubles.

Philips Avent offers the Anti-colic bottle which is proven to reduce colic and discomfort.  When you hold your baby and feel that their crying is from pain and discomfort it absolutely breaks your heart.  As a mom you want to do anything to help them and with Philips Avent the solution could be as simple as trying the bottle brand I trust.
I liked how easy to fill and clean they were, but the best part was my baby was happy and healthy, free of tummy pain.

The design of the Philips Avent bottle is great.  It was easy for all my kids to hold and the nipple seemed to be a very easy latch.  Plus, Philips Avent has several different flow rates of nipples that you can purchase as your baby gets older.  This was a money saver for me, the quality of the Philips Avent bottles are amazing so they lasted the entire time I was bottle feeding, so all I would have to do is buy new nipples every few months with a greater flow rate and use the same bottle.

When my kids were using Philips Avent bottles, they were called Classic+ bottles.  Now Philips Avent offers the “Anti-colic bottle” with a new look and name but with the same Classic+ features that this mom has loved for years!
Why Chose Philips Avent Anti-colic bottle?

  • It features an Air flex venting system designed to reduce gas and colic by reducing the amount of air swollowed.
  • Fewer parts for easy cleaning and assembly, with only 4 parts there is no messy bags or inserts to clean.
  • Babies fed with Philips Avent anti-colic bottles experienced 60% less fussing at night, than babies fed with a leading competitor’s vented bottle.  That means a better night sleep for both mommy and baby! *At 2 weeks of age, babies fed with a Philips Avent bottle showed a trend to less colic compared to a conventional bottle and a significant reduction in fussing at night compared to babies fed with another leading bottle.
  • The built-in, venting system keeps air away from your baby’s stomach, which keeps their tummy happy.
  • The nipples texture prevents it from collapsing so baby has uninterrupted feedings.

When I had my oldest I wasn’t aware of the differences in bottles and it created some long hard nights with a baby hurting and a mommy overwhelmed.  With the twins, I realized how much discomfort I saved them by choosing the #1 bottle brand from the start.  Now you get to learn from my mistakes, and you can avoid feeding woes!

Philips Avent recently partnered with actress and new mom Sarah Chalke to learn about her experience with colic with her new daughter, Frankie.  Her video reminds me of my experience with my oldest.  The hours of crying and the singing, but thankfully also the end result!

 Learn more about the Anti-Colic Bottle and Connect with Philips Avent:

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