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 Have you been seeing the previews for the Shaun the Sheep Movie release?  My kids have and they can not wait to see it!
Honestly, while the movie is geared towards children aged 4-10, I’m pretty excited to watch it too.  It looks like such a cute and funny movie that is perfect for our next family outing.

The movie will be released on August 5th nationwide.  Luckily we are still on summer break up here in New England, so I have a fun movie date planned to beat some of the kid’s mid summer boredom.

The story is about a sheep named Shaun who wants to take the day off from the farm and have a little fun.  However when he ends up in the Big City, he gets more action than he bargained for.  Watch as Shaun tries to return everyone to the green grass of home safely.
I love how the movie incorporates team work and problem solving into a comical movie full of fun adventures.  These are great educational aspects that are shown through out the Shaun the Sheep Move.  However judging by the giggles coming from my kids while viewing the trailer, kids likely will be to busy laughing to realize their taking in some great lessons.
Enter to win a Shaun the Sheep Movie prize pack
(Containing a Shaun the Sheep Movie adult t-shirt, child t-shirt, headband, storybook, poster, and a serta sheep plush)
As you can see Aidan loves his prize pack. 
 He has been wearing the sheep headband for a week now!  I probably wont be able to tear it away from him until after he gets to go see Shaun and all his farm friends on the big screen.
Make sure you head out to your local cinema and see the Shaun the Sheep Movie!

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