Benefits Of Coconut Oil
Many people associate coconut oil with the delicious smell of their sun tan lotion, but this is not all this amazing oil can do. There are an endless amount of uses for this oil!  You can use it to improve your health, charge up your beauty routine, and add variety to your kitchen routine.
As a Beauty Boost:
From skin to hair to hands and face, coconut oil can assist in every area of your beauty routine. It makes an amazing hair conditioner.  I try to use it as a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week.  Simply take 3 to 5 tablespoons melted in a microwave and rubbed into the hair then wrap up your hair and leave it for two hours before shampooing and it will make your hair soft and shiny.
It can also be used for flyaway hair; rub a pea-sized drop between your hands and smooth it over your hair-voila! No more flyaways.

Using it as a face cream will make your skin equally soft. Put an amount about the size of a dime on your skin minutes before you put on your makeup. It also works as an under eye moisturizer; rub a pea-sized amount under your eyes.

The moisturizing process doesn’t stop there; rub the oil on other dry areas including your lips, temples, elbows and knees; it’s perfect for those small dry patches regular lotion isn’t helping.
 It also works well as a cuticle oil; a small amount over the cuticles. For more serious skin conditions, try coconut oil, which works well as an eczema treatment, soothing and moisturizing at the same time, this has helped my daughters bumpy eczema rash for the last few winters and I love that I’ve been able to toss all the chemical filled alternatives.
It also helps reduce scarring with twice-daily applications, I still use it on my C-section scar!
When you want to unwind, coconut oil, scented with a few drops of relaxing essential oil (rose and lavender are effective), makes a great massage oil. Use it to relax tired muscles after a long day lifting babies and kissing booboos!
Health Benefits:
Coconut oil has several health benefits as well. Many people now take it to improve their thyroid and blood sugar levels since it can help improve insulin use in the body and can also increase thyroid function.
It also helps to boost the metabolism, increasing energy and endurance.
My hubby who suffers from high cholesterol uses coconut oil to help lower his levels too. It contains lauric acid, a type of saturated fat, which has been shown to improve the ratio levels of cholesterol. It does this by increasing the good HDL cholesterol in the blood.
For those needing help with weight control, taking 2 tablespoons of coconut oil every day can help burn more energy. It contains fats called medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) that, when broken down in the liver, helps to boost the metabolism and burn energy more efficiently. This oil can also increase your energy and may help ensure a better workout. Take two tablespoons at breakfast every day or add it to your water or sports drink and consume it during your workout.  With the winter blues in full swing in my house, this has been a great addition to my daily routine.  I need all the energy I can get and its a great healthy option instead of my usually sugary coffee.
In the Kitchen:
This oil can also be used in cooking. Since it doesn’t raise your cholesterol and has a high smoke point, you can use it to cook almost any type of meal. Use it instead of butter in sauce or baked goods like cookies, cakes or bread. Like butter, it stays solid when cold, will become softer at room temperature, and becomes liquid when heated. It has a pleasant sweet, mellow taste that will delicately flavor foods without overpowering other tastes. It can even be used in baby food or as a spread on toast or pancakes.  I like to add a couple spoonful’s of melted oil to my smoothies and juices, as mentioned before the energy boost is great but I also enjoy the hint of coconut flavoring. 
It makes sense to keep this healthy, tasty, versatile oil on hand for your culinary needs .

The uses for Coconut Oil are definitely endless, I always have a jar or two in my house and cant get enough of the oil.  If you haven’t tried it yet, its an awesome product that you can try for a few dollars at the grocery store you already have to shop at anyways.  So why not give it a try!

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