I made these for the twins first birthday party and they were a big hit so I thought I’d share.
What you’ll need:
Large Styrofoam ball
Two smaller Styrofoam balls
(the sizes of the balls all depends on how big a mickey you want)
Black Spray Paint
Flower Pot
White Spray Paint
Styrofoam Squares to fill Pot
Disney Cut Outs (I got mine from Craftygio on etsy)

  • Start by preparing the base, spray paint the flower pot, glue on your cut outs, fill the planter with foam so that the foam is tight enough to hold up the dowel
  • Then spray paint the balls and dowels
  • cut one of the dowels into 5-6 inch pieces, and have a large one at about 18 inches
  • Build the mickey head once they’ve dried, put the large ball into the large dowel, then put the two smaller pieces of dowel into the small balls and connect them like ears
  • Then stick the large dowel into the foam that’s in the pot
  • now glue the boa all around the top of the foam
  • walaaaa its all done! great for centerpieces or a special touch of decor to a great Disney party!

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