We usually fly with our children at least once a year, sometimes more.  The trip we take most often is from Boston to Brazil.  This is a 3 flight, 20 hour travel time trip!  So when we do trips to Florida or anywhere in the USA, it feels like a walk in the park.
I definitely pack our Carry-ons a little different for our Brazil trips but the basics are always the same.
I carry a large tote type bag that can be carried over my shoulder or wrapped onto the top of our rolling carry-on.
This bag can fit under the seat in front of me, so I like to keep things I’ll need often through out the flight in it.

I pack a wristlet with our ID’s, cash, credit cards, phone, and travel itinerary in the tote bag, this saves me from having to lug a full size pocketbook through the airport.
Now that the twins are a bit older I’m also able to pack a book! When they were little this was pointless so I’d just grab a magazine in the airport and hope they’d fall asleep long enough for me to flip through it.
I also pack gum to help with ear popping.  My kids usually aren’t aloud to have gum so this is a special treat, and necessary now that they no longer use pacifiers or bottles.
My kids have Ipads (I know this isn’t the norm, but they were bought used or on sale and have been very beneficial for school)  These also go in the Tote, so that they can come out as soon as we get in the air.  I also make sure to bring headphones, no one around us wants to listen to an Ipad sing the ABC’s for an entire flight.
 I also pack snacks in the tote, there extremely expensive at the airport stores so I bring some from home.
I know most airlines come around with similar snacks and our international flights give full meals.  However I like to be able to have my own for when the kids get fidgety especially during take off and landing, when electronics need to be off and the seat back tables have to be up.
Once through security I buy everyone resealable drinks too,  they are pricey but having them available makes the trip go smoother.
 I also pack new coloring books and crayons for each child, I get them at the dollar store before we leave.  Having a new book is exciting and keeps their attention longer than one that we have already at home.


 In the rolling carry-on, I keep things that I mainly need in the airport or don’t want to pack in our checked luggage.
Michael Kors Carry On
For Short Flights:
Change of Pants for the Twins incase of potty accidents
For International Flights:
All of the above, plus…
Extra Snacks
Change of Clothes for the kids
Nintendo DS’s (for when the Ipad batteries die)
Travel Pillows
Socks (we usually travel in flip flops, and socks help with sleeping)
Tooth brushes, Makeup, Face Wipes (we usually spend a day at a layover city so having stuff to freshen up with is important)
Cards and Small travel games (I usually grab a few from the dollar store, they help with quiet time in the hotel too)
This is all we need to pack to get through a flight now a days.  It was a bit harder to keep the kids content on the plane when they were younger.  Click here to read what worked for me back then.
Our last trip to South Carolina, was extremely easy.  So I feel like the kids are finally at good ages.  Also I’ve learned how to stop over packing carry-on’s which cuts back on the lugging around stress, and focus only on what really keeps the kids entertained.
 We flew JetBlue on our last trip, I was pleasantly surprised to see seat back TV’s on their domestic flights! We usually fly Delta or American Airlines, I have never seen this in any of those domestic flights.  Delta has had the TV’s in every International flight I’ve taken, American Airlines has always been a roll of the dice.
This is a huge perk!  The kids could watch Nickelodeon, the Disney Channel, or even some movies the entire time we were in the air.
Plus to top it off JetBlue was the cheapest!  I’ll definitely be leaning towards flying with them from now on.
We don’t gate check the stroller any longer.  Now that they can walk, its easier to get through security without it, plus walking through the airport helps get some energy out.
This is what helps us get through plane trips.  It can be stressful, but worth it!


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