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The holiday season is the most magical time of year for my family and I.  I love everything about it, trimming the tree, visiting Santa, baking Christmas goodies, visiting traditional events, and of course the parties.  Everyone is always in such a festive mood and it is the time of year when family and friends all take a break from the normal hustle and bustle of life and get together to celebrate.

I host both Thanksgiving and Christmas day dinner at my house, so I know both sides of the holiday party.  The happy, exciting, reminicing with loved ones side.  Then also the hosting side, while I love to cook, decorate, and put on a presentation while hosting, there are also some downfalls that can really stink!  Can you relate?  If so, I have some solutions to share with you from Febreze!

First keep some Febreze Air Effects on hand, with the the festive holiday line you’ll be able to knock out oders while staying in the holiday spirit!

If your making a caserole that doesn’t smell as great cooking as it tastes, or accidently burn something, Air Effects will keep the stink away.
Plus your dishes will likely pile up before your guests leave, spray away any yucky left over smells so that you can continue enjoying your guests without worrying about the stench coming from the sink.
The holidays also means pulling out decorations that have probably been packed away in a box all year.  When I pull out our tree skirt, stockings, and pillows they smell musty.  Febreze Fabric Refresher spray leaves everything smelling delicious in seconds!  I also use it to spray down the couches and of course those sweaters that are all the rage now.  You can only imagine what a Christmas sweater smells like after being in a box from the 80’s, but honestly my Febreze left it smelling like a cranberry drink!
For the bathroom, make sure you light a Febreze candle, it will eliminate the odors that will undoubtably happen as guests rotate through while keeping your home feeling cozy.
Also if you have a particularly stinky area, aka pet bed, liter box, or like me a boys room, use the Febreze Noticeables.  These easy odor eliminators plug in and then you don’t have to worry about them again for up to 45 days.  These are perfect for keeping odors away during the busy holiday season!
There you have it, Febreze can keep all the stinks away this holiday season.  So once you have your Febreze products on hand, grab a cocktail and enjoy all the festivities!
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