19 items!
How much do you think it all cost?
Old navy, Abercrombie, American eagle, Gymboree!

That’s right $30.50
Here’s what I got:

For the hubby
American eagle tshirt $1
Abercrombie tshirt $3

For me
Metaphor sweater $3.50
Aéropostale sweater $1
Dots tunic sweater $1
H&M sweater shrug $4.50

For Anthony
Pipeline dress shirt $1
Abercrombie long sleeve tshirt $1
American eagle tshirt $1
Polo jeans $1
NWT wrangler jeans $1

For Lilly
Ballet leotard with tutu $2.50
Gymboree sweater $3
Totally girls sweatshirt $1
Old navy hooded shirt $1
Old navy jeans $1
Levi’s jeans $1
Children’s place jeans $1
Lei jeans $1

Every single item is in amazing condition! No wholes, stains or even piling!

My biggest money saving tool is thrift store clearance shopping! I love $1 sales, fill a bag sales, and an occasional 50% off sale. Don’t think for a second I am looking for rags, not in the least! My kids have nice brand name clothes for penny’s because I shop all sizes and am particular about what I buy.

In the basement I have 3-4 Rubbermaid bins full of clothes for each of the kids, I have brand new Seven for man kind jeans in Lilly’s bin for when she fits into a size 6 and similar items for the boys in different seasons and sizes.

Around me there are several thrift stores/consignment shops but I only shop a couple because I scout them out to make sure, a) they are clean and appear like an average store (not a junk store), and b) they are priced right! I will not spend over $5 for a used piece of clothing or toy, otherwise I could go to some nice discount department stores and get them new… Right?

If you haven’t tried thrift store shopping or have but were turned off by some over priced chain consignment shops, I suggest you scope out a handful and try to find one that works for you!

Plus, once your done with your finds, bring them back and try to resell them again and recoup even more of your clothing cost! 🙂

Here’s my Shopping Haul from Back on the Rack in Lowell… by the Chelmsford, Drum Hill Walmart:

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