With the three little ones I am always on the run, so I thought Id share a few of the essentials that keep the running going smoothly…
  • Smoothies – I have these for breakfast, lunch and dinner sometimes! Its the easiest thing that I can grab when I’m busy, not up for having what the kids are eating, and to top it off its pretty healthy. I now keep my blender out all the time, I through some frozen fruit, a banana or two, and skim milk in it and waaa laaa I have myself a snack/meal! My absolute fave is strawberry, raspberry, and banana.
  • Mucilon – I buy this at the Brazilian store hear in Lowell and haven’t found it anywhere else yet but it is GREAT. It is a cross between oatmeal and formula that you blend in with your toddlers milk. The twins love it and it is a quick grab when we have early morning appointments. I also keep Gerber snacks in my car for these type of situations
  • IPhone – This should be at the top (oops) I LOVE my iPhone I have had tons of different phones but now that I have an iPhone I will never go back! I do everything on my iPhone and having everything at the tip of my fingers is great. I check my bank accounts, check etsy, ebay, and paypal, Take notes, make quick lists, entertain the kids in a pinch, take pics, get on facebook, emails, GPS, make calls, and sooooo much more.
  • Baby Wipes – these are not just for changing diapers! I use these all day everyday. Cleaning hands and faces (and with my kids whole bodies when out of the house), wiping down tables and counters, cleaning up spills and more. I keep a pack on the changing table, in the car, on the counter, and in the bathroom!
  • Home Organizer – my family binder is the go to place every time I need to know anything about my errand/schedules/to-do’s. It keeps all my important papers, calenders, todo lists, menu’s, and everything else I need at the moment. Its great because there’s no more searching for paperwork or going through the filing cabinet for everything.

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