I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card, all opinions are my own.
As I’ve told you before, Best Buy is my go to store for electronics, this includes all my computers.  As a writer and work at home mom, I spend endless hours on my laptop.  Not only do I use it for writing, blogging, and social media, my laptop is also how I am able to communicate with family living out of state and even out of the country.  I store all my kids pictures on it and pretty much run my house holds schedules, health plans, and budget from my laptop.  So needless to say, I am always excited to see a new laptop come out with more features to make it run smoother and make my life easier.

Toshiba has a new PC that I’m crushing on.  It is the Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 and it is available at Best Buy at the perfect time, with the Windows 10 launch and holiday shopping starting.
So what are the features that have me considering putting the Satellite Radius 12 on my Christmas wishlist?
1. It is the first 12.5″ convertible laptop with a 4K Ultra HD display.  I have been considering investing in a 2-in-1 laptop for some time now.  I am always second guessing myself on whether to bring my tablet or laptop places, and in the end usually decide to lug both around.  Having a 2-in-1 would simplify my life.  Plus with all the photo and video editing I do the 4K Ultra HD display sounds like another amazing feature.
2.  This laptop was also designed with color accuracy in mind.  So what is shot with the camera can be viewed with same color fidelity.  This will make editing a breeze.
3.  The Satellite Radius 12 was designed for Windows 10.  This makes it one of the first small screen PC’s that has facial authentication with Windows Hello enabled.  It also runs on Intel’s 6th generation Core processors.  This means this laptop can deliver maximum mobile performance, something content creators and multi-taskers need.
4.  It’s pretty, this probably shouldn’t be on the top of my list when investing in a laptop but I want this device I spend 8 hours a day on and carry everywhere to look pretty.  The Satellite Radius 12 is sleek and compact, with an LED back-lit keyboard.  It also features a Gorilla Glass damage resistance screen, which gives this mom peace of mind.
5. There are 5 unique viewing modes.  A 360 degree hing enable greater flexibility as the screen rotates to the right view for every occasion!

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