Lilly recently had a couple doctors appointments in the morning so we decided once they were finished to play hooky for the rest of the day and have some quality girl time.

We went to lunch, did some shopping, and then took a trip to The Butterfly Place in Westford, Ma.  We had never been before, however I saw an awesome deal on Groupon and decided to check it out, especially because Lilly has been obsessing over flowers, butterflies, and birds recently.
The Groupon we bought included admission for 2 people for $15.  Which was a perfect price for a quick and educational outing.
The regular admission price is $12.50 for adults and $8.50 for children, which I think is pretty steep for such a small exhibit.  However they do offer numerous special offers including homeschoolers discounts, scout discounts, and veterans discounts.
The Butterfly Place is located at 120 Tyngsboro Road, in Westford Massachusetts.  It was really easy to find, with numerous signs pointing people in the right direction.
As you walk in there is an adorable butterfly photo prop that Lilly jumped into without prompting.  As I said she’s obsessing over butterflies right now.
After we took a picture outside, we went in to see all the butterflies.
After you pay for admission, you go through several doors into the butterfly flight area.  This area is filled with plants, flowers, and hundreds of free flying butterflies. 
The butterflies fly all over the place landing on the benches, flowers, and if your as lucky as Lilly they land right on your shoulder.
We walked around the exhibit several times and spent about an hour checking out all the butterflies and flowers.  Lilly got a chart on the way in for $1.00 and tried matching the different types of butterflies, her favorite was the spotted lady butterfly.
The Butterfly Place is open from February to October.
The greenhouse type area where the butterflies free fly is kept constantly between 80 – 85 degrees, because butterflies need warmth to fly.  So if you visit during a colder month make sure you dress accordingly so that you can comfortably enjoy your visit.

After leaving the butterfly flying exhibit, we passed through a small room that had a movie playing that talked about stages of a butterflies transformation and gave some other fun facts.  Then we walked into a hallway area with some more displays with educational information about different types of butterflies.  Lastly we walked through the gift shop on the way out, I was pleasantly surprised that everything in the gift shop was fairly priced.  Lilly got a butterfly bottle of bubbles and a temporary tattoo for $3.50.  We also got a hatching kit, which included a caterpillar, food, and a container to watch it transform into a cocoon and then into a butterfly, so we can let it loose.  Lilly has been checking on her caterpillar everyday and has been learning a lot and loving the experience.

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