I have a must have for your holiday’s wish list, Qixels!
Qixels is a creative activity set that uses little cubes that fuse together with blasts of water to create monsters, swords, ninjas, and more.

This is a great activity that had my boys using their imaginations to create characters and set up scenes creating an 8-bit world of warriors. 
The set is very easy to use.  Kids place the cubes on the holder in the design they would like, there are tons of stencils to choose from or they can create a figure of their own.  Once all the cubes are in position, the kids squirt them with water, and then use the amazing Turbo Dryer to dry the Qixels in record time.  Once dry the cubes are fused together!  Both Aidan and Anthony got the hang of it immediately without assistance.  You can watch the demo video here.
With the weather getting colder, the kids have been stuck in the house and as I run out of things to entertain them, they end up spending more and more time in front of a screen.  
I am always on the look out for great toys that will grab the attention of all my children, while keeping quality and price in mind.  Moose Toys really met the mark with Qixels.  
Qixels is a great way to get the kids playing and using there imagination while indoors.  The unique play pattern in Qixels inspires boys to be creative and hands-on as they construct their favorite pixelated characters using the design templates and their own imagination.
Aidan and Anthony both spent hours creating and laughing together, Qixels is definitely a must have on our Holiday Gift Guide.
Qixels are perfect for kids 5 years old and up.  They are available at both Target and ToysRUs and range in price from $9.99 to $19.99.

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