While perusing the clearance section of Target Yesterday, I came across this mega deal!
If you use CHI products, you know there straighteners retail for over $100.  I got my first CHI about 10 years ago as a birthday gift after complaining non stop about how I couldn’t find a straight iron that would straighten my hair without leaving it a frizzy mess.
I have been hooked ever sense!  They leave my hair silky smooth with one swipe and they last a really long time (I would be replacing my drug store brands every couple months, these last years)
However with the price tag attached to them, I usually search ebay or wait for a holiday that I can ask for one from the hubby. 
However as I was putting through Target yesterday, I thought I’d go down the back of the isles to get to the registers…. Where they put all the departments clearance.  As I walked closer to the pile of boxes that clearly had “CHI” across them, I thought for sure they were placed there by mistake.  Then I saw the clearance stickers!!! $29.98!!!
I threw it in the cart and walked swiftly to the price scanner, still not believing the price.  It was right!
Target right now has these amazing straighteners marked down from $99.99 to $29.98…. a savings of $70.01

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