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South Carolina

Southern Fun ~ Charleston South Carolina with kids

There’s something about South Carolina that has completely stole my heart sense the first day I visited the state last year.  I am convinced underneath this rough Boston exterior, I am a southern girl at heart.  I love the weather, the food, the slow paced life style and I cant get enough of the southern accents!
 We stopped in the Charleston area twice on our Florida Bound Road trip.  On the way down we stopped and visited my brother for a couple nights, and on the way home we stopped through to eat but my brother was on a trip of his own in Massachusetts so we just stopped for the day.

We visited Kiawah Island Golf Resort again, this is an awesome family friendly resort.  The island is breathtaking, the beaches are warm, the pools are relaxing, and the kids can be entertained all day!  My parents have booked a house on the island for Christmas, and I am counting down the days till I can go back.
We ate at Triangle Char & Bar, the taco’s and burgers where delicious!  The kids cleaned their plates and the waitress was extremely friendly.


After the kids did so good eating we decided to take them for ice cream.  We went back to Belgian Gelato because the ice cream was beyond delicious last time.
Then before returning back to my bothers house we of coarse needed to stop and swim in the fountains, because who doesn’t want to jump in a fountain on a beautiful hot day?
Its so hard to leave South Carolina, even when I know I’m heading to Florida.  I love Charleston of coarse but we love my brother and miss him being close by so tears flow every time we have to drive away from “uncle”!
On the way home we swung into Goose Creek, South Carolina to eat at Brazilian Bakery Buffet.  We were driving home in the middle of the Brazil vs. Columbia World Cup game and the hubby was freaking out about missing it.  Goose Creek is much more rural than the central Charleston area, which I liked.  There’s something about living in the middle of no where that has been really attractive to me recently.  However once we get there I may realize its not as fun as it sounds in my head.  So for now we’re staying put in Massachusetts but one day I hope to convince my husband to move South.

A Trip to the South Carolina Aquarium ~ Traveling with Kids

We spent our last full day in Charleston at the South Carolina Aquarium.  This aquarium was great!  All the exhibits where full and laid out so you saw an animal every time.  The Huge shark tank was the kids favorite and even us adults thought it was a cool design. 
 The aquarium is set on Charleston Harbor, and you can often see dolphins swimming free.

 The Madagascar exhibit had a crawl under tube for the kids, and when the kids stood up in the middle the animals would sit right on the glass.
This was an awesome afternoon, I recommend anyone vacationing in Charleston with children to definitely visit this Aquarium.
We got our tickets at the Charleston Visitor Center at a discount.  I also recommend checking out the visitors center as a tourist in Charleston!  The list of attractions in the city is endless and these friendly folks know about them all!

Charleston, South Carolina ~ Traveling with the Kids

For our tenth wedding anniversary my husband surprised me with something he knew I would absolutely love! A trip to South Carolina to see my brother!  My brother moved down there about 10 months ago, and the kids and I have missed him like crazy.
I was beyond thrilled to get to see my brother, because we have always been very close, and also to check out South Carolina!
We got there on a Friday and came back home on Monday so we definitely didn’t have time to do everything because this historic city has SO much to see but we will definitely be back soon.

On the first day we were pretty tired from the early flights so we spent the afternoon relaxing and walking around Charleston, we grabbed some ice cream at Belgian Gelato which was pricey but some of the best ice cream I have ever tasted! Then we ate dinner at Red’s Ice House on the ocean, this was a laid back restaurant with delicious food and the sunset was breathtaking.

Sunset Charleston South Carolina
Charleston South Carolina

The houses in the heart of Charleston are simple gorgeous!  The views are just as Beautiful! It literally took me 24 hours to completely fall in love with this city.

Over the weekend we had a big Birthday Family Dinner, because we missed each others birthdays, the kids loved that.  We spent some time at the Kiawah Island Resort so the kids could swim and play, and ate at the Cherrywood BBQ and Ale House on the Island.  We also spent some time at the Aquarium, on the Beach on Sullivan’s Island and ate at Poe’s Tavern.

Sullivan’s Island reminds me of a quaint town in Maine but the weather is a whole lot nicer!  I’ve told the hubby over a dozen times that when he strikes it rich we are living on that beach!

On our last night my brother and sister in-law got us a babysitter and we all went out for a fabulous dinner at the Wild Olive.  We had a blast catching up and having grown up time! plus the staff there was incredibly friendly.
I left in tears because I miss my brother terribly, but smiling because Charleston had stolen a piece of my heart!  The views, the people, the weather, I just loved this City!