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Ladybug Open-Faced Sandwich Recipe

Lady Bug Open-faced Sandwich

Now that summer’s here, our entire family’s been craving fresh meals full of fruit and vegetables. When heat waves come and go, no one likes to get too busy in the kitchen! Why boil over a hot stove when you can whip up something cool and healthy?  Open-faced sandwiches are a unique lunch option, and there are so many great ways to make them extra fun for the kids, like with this Ladybug sandwich.


NILLA Wafers with Chocolate Banana No-Bake Cheesecake Dip Recipe

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No-Bake Cheesecake Dip Dessert

NILLA Wafers Chocolate Banana No-Bake Cheesecake Dip 

Summer is here, the sun is shining, the days are longer, and it is getting very hot outside.  As much as I love to bake, during the summer months, the last place I want to be is standing over a hot oven.  I love no-bake recipes because they’re usually quick to make and you’re still able to bring a delicious homemade dessert to all the summer parties, keeping summer fun and delicious!  One staple in most of my no-bake recipes is NILLA Wafers,  I have been enjoying them alone and in recipes, since I was a child learning to cook in my Nana’s kitchen.  They have a perfect consistency and work whether my recipe calls for a whole crunchy cookie to pair with my no-bake chocolate banana cheesecake dip or throwing them in the blender for a finely crumbled pave layer or pie crust, the possibilities are endless.


Jurassic World Inspired Dino Egg Themed Cereal Treats Recipe

Dinosaur Themed Recipe

Dinosaur Themed Food Recipe

Did you know that velociraptors made an appearance in every single one of the Jurassic Park/World movies? In the storyline, Blue is the park’s first-ever engineered velociraptor. She gets her name from her iridescent blue scales. Because of this, I was immediately inspired to make these Jurassic World Themed Dino Egg Cereal Treats and we are loving this dinosaur themed recipe!

Creating the marbled finish on these treats wasn’t as hard as I expected. All it takes is some imagination and a bit of an artistic touch. These treats are ultra-sweet since they are completely enrobed with candy melts. Oh-so-delicious and oh-so-perfect for a dino-themed birthday party, don’t you think?


Quick and Easy Rainbow Bark Recipe for St. Patrick’s Day


Are you excited for St. Patrick’s Day?  Do you have the menu set for a corned beef and cabbage dinner?  Well, what about something sweet for afterward?  You got to try this simple and delicious Rainbow Bark Recipe made from White Chocolate and Mint Oreos.  This will definitely satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth and keep them in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit! 

Chocolate Bark is one of the easiest dessert or sweet treats that you can make.  There’s no reason to start the oven, you can add pretty much anything to the chocolate to make the recipe your own, and you can make it without dirtying any pans!


Rainbow Bark Recipe

Bag of White Chocolate Melts
Mint Oreos
Rainbow Sprinkles


Start by melting half the bag of white chocolate according to the bags instructions.

Once melted, spread out a thin layer of chocolate onto a sheet of wax paper.


Next, push the Oreo cookies into the chocolate and then break up the pretzels and sprinkle them between the cookies.

St-Patricks-Day-Rainbow-Bark-Recipe St-Patricks-Day-Rainbow-Bark-Recipe

Once the center ingredients are laid out, melt the remaining white chocolate melts, and cover the entire chocolate sheet.

Lastly, add tons of rainbow sprinkles!  I also found some green candy balls in the cabinet and threw them on top of the chocolate, because you can add so many fun things to chocolate bark.



You can leave the chocolate to harden on the counter or move it to the fridge if you want it to harden quickly.  I didn’t use a pan, so I let the chocolate harden half way and then moved it into the fridge once it was firm enough to move the wax paper.  It was hardened completely in about 10 minutes.


Then comes the fun part, breaking it apart!  There is no rhyme or reason to how you need to break it up.  I just try to get it to the size I would like to grab for a treat.  This is the perfect time to bring the kids in to help break it all up.


Make sure to check out my Magic Surprise Rainbow Rock Activity  2 ingredient dish soap slime recipe and Pot of Gold Candy Craft to make you’re child’s St. Patrick’s Day extra special!



Un-Slump Your Summer Lunch Routine!

This post is brought to you by StarKist and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own. 


We are half way through summer break, which means my family has hit a lunch slump!  During the school year, the kids not only have breakfast at school, they also typically buy lunches there or bring sandwiches and purchase extras from the snack line.  During the summer, I must go from planning one meal a day to three plus snacks.

My grocery bill triples, the kids complain about “this again”, while my time is consumed with making meals.


StarKist Tuna and Salmon Pouches

Luckily, I was invited to learn more about StarKist Tuna and Salmon Pouches at Blogher last month. 
I grew up seeing StarKist Charlie in commercials and my mom always having cans of Starkist Tuna in the cabinets for Tuna sandwiches.  However, I had no idea how much of a variety Starkist offers and how many meal ideas there are using not only their original tuna but their delicious Tuna Creations.   that have opened my meal time options wide up my meal time variety, while saving me time on meal prep.

I received a couple pouches of the Tuna Creations Pouches at Blogher to try, and they have been in my shopping cart every week since.


They are Quick and Easy!

Each pouch is a single serving and requires no can opener or draining.  Just tear it open and your good to go.  This may sound silly but there have been afternoons when I purposely didn’t use the tuna fish in the cabinet because I didn’t want to deal with draining the can and the fish smell because my dishes weren’t done.  No judgement please.


They are Nutritious!

Featuring at least 13 grams of lean protein and less than 110 calories per pouch, these are the perfect snack option to keep you going.


They are Versatile:

I am on the go constantly, so you will likely find a pouch and a plastic fork in my pocketbook for an instant snack anywhere.  The flavor options are great on their own, but I also add them to my salads and pastas, top our chicken breasts with different flavor creations, make sandwiches with them, top veggies with it, and so much more.

My favorite way of serving the StarKist Tuna Creations is to open a few pouches of the Thai Chili Style Pouches and spread it into a nice bowl and pair it with crackers for a party appetizer.  No one knows all I did was tear open a pouch and served.


They Taste Great!

StarKist Tuna and Salmon Pouches are Available in 21 varieties, including 13 deliciously seasoned Tuna & Salmon Creations, tuna & salmon in water or oil, as well as low sodium options.  The meal options are limitless and with such a vast variety you never get bored when using them as a healthy snack option!


Want to learn more about the great flavor options StarKist offers?  Visit,

Make sure you get social with StarKist Charlie!

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