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Surefire Ways To Survive Holiday-Season Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is more common than ever, with the high-stress lifestyle being the key reason. You may expect it to worsen during the holiday season because parties and late-night celebrations disrupt schedules. The endless to-do lists and winter blues aggravate the situation further. But popping pills is not the right way to get your sleep cycle back on track because they may cause side effects and habit formation. Luckily, you can rely on natural alternatives to address the concern. Here are some surefire ways to survive holiday-season sleep deprivation.

Watch your diet

The festivities lead to unhealthy indulgences with sugar, processed foods, caffeine, and alcohol. Unfortunately, these food culprits may do more than add unwanted pounds and inches around your waistline. They can disrupt your sleep cycle and even cause full-blown insomnia before you know it. Watching your diet is the best solution to address these woes. Besides steering clear of the wrong foods, finish your evening meal a couple of hours before hitting bed.

Stick with your bedtime schedule

Another holistic measure to retain your sleep schedule in the festive season is to stick with your bedtime schedule. You may have endless party invitations in the holidays, but you must learn to say no. Alternatively, leaving early is a good way to get the best of both worlds. Also, avoid late-night shopping sprees, even if you do it online from your living room. Adhere to your bedtime every night, no matter how tempting the invitations sound.  

Embrace healthy evening rituals

Besides sticking with your bedtime schedules, consider embracing healthy evening rituals to prevent insomnia. A warm bath, a cup of herbal tea, and a meditation session are excellent elements of a clean routine. Cannabis takes you the extra mile by inducing sleep naturally. You can find basic bongs with simple learning curves in the market. Also, check a strain that works as a natural substitute for sleeping pills. Ditching devices should also be on top of your mind.

Check your bedroom

You must check your bedroom if you tend to stay awake during winter nights. Overheating is one reason people feel insomniac during the season, even without realizing it. Imagine how heavy covers and hot indoor temperatures can affect your sleep cycle. Consider turning the heat down to an optimal level. Wear comfortable clothing and avoid adding too many layers of blankets. Also, switch to heavy drapes to keep the room warm and dark.

Get enough sunshine

Surprisingly, getting enough sunshine in the morning can address your sleep woes. It regulates your circadian rhythm, which often goes out of place in winter. Moreover, you can rely on sunlight to replenish your vitamin D levels naturally. Step outside to soak in the sun when it is around during the season. You can even plan afternoon outings to maximize your exposure to sunlight.

The holiday season and sleep deprivation often go hand in hand because of disrupted schedules. But you can handle the issue without medication with these simple natural remedies. Embrace them sooner than later to stay happy and healthy during the holidays.

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