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Best Summer Breakfast Routine with Blueberry Cheerios

Thank you to General Mills for sponsoring this post. Check out our new summer breakfast staple, Blueberry Cheerios!

Bowl of cereal breakfast idea

Summer Breakfast Routine

We are in the middle of summer vacation and that means my children’s laid back schedule is in full swing.  They are happy with the long days at the pool, exploring everything Florida has to offer and spending late nights outside counting stars.  However, as a work from home mom, school vacation means I have to keep all the balls in the air while my kids run through the house and tell me “I’m hungry” every 10 minutes.  Yes, I absolutely love the fact that I am home with them, and that I have the ability to work my schedule around making memories with them, but sometimes the long days of family fun and the late nights of working alone become exhausting.  So I am always looking for ways to keep my family’s routine running smoothly, and that starts with breakfast.

Breakfast idea with cheerios

New Blueberry Cheerios at Walmart

As a mom of 3, I want a quick and nutritious breakfast while my kids just want something yummy.  Cheerios has been a go-to cereal in my house for generations, I remember eating them every morning while watching old TV shows with my Nana.  So when I saw that Cheerios came out with a new flavor I grabbed it.  The newest addition to the Cheerios family is a fruity fun Blueberry flavor that has become our summertime staple.  The new Blueberry Cheerios are made with real blueberry puree and other natural flavors, making them the perfect breakfast for the whole family.  They are delicious and leave everyone feeling satisfied and ready for a fun summer day.

Blueberry Cheerios Breakfast

Blueberry Cheerios are Not Just for Breakfast

When it comes to Cheerios, I stock up.  Each grocery trip to Walmart means several boxes of Cheerios because in my family they are not just for breakfast and the new Blueberry flavor is perfect for throwing in our pool bag as a quick on the go summer snack, or in a bowl during our movie nights.  They are a tasty treat dry or with milk, making them a staple in my pantry.

Summer Breakfast Cereal

Have you tried the new Blueberry Cheerios yet?  If not, what are you waiting for?  Add them to your Walmart cart and try them today!

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  1. I really liked cheerios when I was younger but I haven’t eaten it in a long while. These blueberry flavour would be a nice try.

  2. Wow. That sure looks like something I will have to add to my weekend shopping list. Cheerios is a family favorite, and I am sure everyone will be excited to try this Blueberry variant.

  3. We love Cheerios but will admit not brought them in a while, and never knew they did this flavour, they are on my shopping list for when I go shopping

  4. I actually haven’t seen blueberry cheerios anywhere around us. I’ve been eating the honey nut ones since I was a kid, but this could be a fun option.

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